Chapter 10

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"Malcolm, if you don't hurry up you'll be late to school!" Lois said turning to Harper who was seated at the family table and setting a plate of pancakes, "Eat up, Harper, your boyfriend will be here when he finishes being a girl!" She said raising her voice at the end, Harper smiled.

"I'm here," Malcolm said running to the table, he sat beside Harper smiling at her as the both began to devour their pancakes and run out of the house, "Sorry I took so long." He apologized, she shook her head taking his hand into hers.

"It okay," She answered, they continued walking to school where they meet Stevie who had been relieved that they were back to being friends, "Hey, Stevie."

"Hi.... Harper.," He noticed their hands were intertwined and pointed to them, "Why..... are...... you..... holding..... hands?" They raised up their hands and smiled.

"You see, Stevie.." Malcolm began before Harper took over.

"We're dating," She said delivering a peck to Malcolm's cheek, Stevie stayed quiet for a long period of time, "Stevie?"

"It's..... finally.... over!" He yelled throwing his hand in the air, Malcolm and Harper stepped back shocked, "I've.. been... waiting.... since.... forever, I..... watched.... you.... two... chase.... each other.... all... my... life!" He screamed a triumphant look on his face before he began to wheel his way around screaming the news to people.

"Wow." Harper said turning to Malcolm who turned to her as well, they stared at each other before laughing as they walked towards the school.

The End.

Bonus scene:

Hal and Marco watched their children walk around the park holding hands and laughing, they looked at each other and then at their kids.

"They'll get married when their older." Hal said, Marco nodded watching five year old Harper play with a five year old Malcolm.

"Yup, they're made for each other."

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