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h e r s e

after what seems like forever, we're still curled up on my couch me tucked under him arms, listening to his heart pound under my ear, and toying with a loose thread of the cuff of his flannel. i ask him questions, inquire gently, seizing the opportunity to unravel him as much as he'll allow.

he tells me of encounters with his bullies, his parents and how much they pressured him, his adopted younger brother who's a successful chef in italy.

and after all has been said and done, i remember something. "remember that day at the diner, when you said you had something to ask me?"

his cheeks flush, his sudden bravery leaving him. "oh," he shifts beneath my head, "i was actually going to ask you if you wanted a second date."

my heart beats in my chest like a firefly with a missing wing. a stupid, giddy smile pulls at my mouth and i sit up, grasping his collar in my hands and kiss him.

he's so startled that it only lasts for a moment. "w-what was that for?"

i quirk my brows. "me deciding if i want a second date."

a grin pulls at his lips. "and the verdict?"

i pretend to consider it, tell him i need to make sure. i kiss him again then third time. he pulls me tight against him and kisses me harder.

after infinity, we break apart. he's hovering atop me and my hands are tracing mindless patterns on his bare back and his hands are on my hips.

"definitely," i conclude, breathless.

and then he's grinning, beaming like a noon sun on a summer's day.

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