Taken by surprise

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"Tomorrow night." He stares down at the ground. "I'm gonna miss you."
"I'm not going far." I sit next to him. "Plus we both know we'll see each other again."
"For sure." He looks up and cups his hands together. "I have something for you. Close your eyes."

I do what I'm told and shut my eyes. "Open!" He says. I open my eyes and find a golden locket with leaves around my neck.
"Peter it's beautiful!" I say in awe. "Thank you!"
"It's magic," he digs into his pocket and pulls out a similar locket but in bracelet form.
"When one is opened it let's the other person see what the other person is doing." He explains. "Open it." I open my locket and he does the same. "I can see you through the locket." He shows me. I look into the locket and see Peter. "It also works closed but when one is closed and one is opened only the open one can see and hear."

"Thank you," I lean in and kiss him on the nose. "I'll never take it off."
"It's so I can make sure you're not taken by any of my foes or if you try and fall I love with another guy." He grins. "Cause that would not end well Love."
"I wouldn't dream of falling in love with anyone else." I promise.
"Wanna take something back from someone?" He asks.
"Sure," I shrug. "What?" 
"Close your eyes and think of your room." He orders.

I close my eyes. I want to see my room. I open them and the puddle appears. I peer into it and see my high heel on my bed. "You sly mysterious boy." I laugh.
"I wasn't going to let him find a princess like you Love, he missed his shot." He chuckles.
"And you took it." I smile.
"That I did." He smirks.

"Up and Adams boys!" Peter calls. "We're celebrating!"
"Peter?" I groan. "Shut up!"
"It's your last day in Neverland," he complains. "We're gonna have some fun."
"Like what?" I sit and grow a curious smirk of my own.
"Getting revenge on them pirates of course!" He yells.
"Ok but don't make your eyes glow again! It's freaky." I warn.

I stand up and almost trip over a fur ball under my hammock. "Spiral!" I cheer. I pick him up and give him a peck on the head. "Aw buddy I missed you."
"You should take him with you." Conner says watching us from a distance.
"My dad would kill me." I tell him.
"Not if he thinks he agreed to it." He laughs.
"What did you do?" I ask sounding kinda scared.
"I just used a power you don't know yet and made him believe he said you can own a pet of your choice." He grins.
"I hate you and love you at the same time." I sigh.
"I know! But you get to be with your friend so I guess I'm pretty awesome." He chuckles.

"Love use the pixie dust its time to go." Peter hands me my pre-beliefed pixie dust. I sprinkle a little on my hand and start to float.
"I'll be back later Spiral." I call.
All the boys use their own pixie dust and head over to us. "Let's get some revenge!" Kai cheers.

We head into the clouds and start throwing it at each other. "Watch it!" I scream ducking Gabe's headshot.
"Damnit I missed!" He pouts.
"I won't!" I pick up a piece of cloud and throw it at his chest.
"Ow!" He whines.
"Bullseye!" I laugh. I look over at Peter who is concentrating on his flying.

Finally we reach the Jolly Rodger and we all sit on the side of the boat. "This place is a floating dump." I call out.
Captain Hook and Smee turn around and meet my eyes. "If it isn't the truest believer." Smee says delighted.
"And the Lost Boys!" Captain Hook snickers.
"And Peter Pan." Channing steps out from behind them. "Miss me?"

"Not by a long shot!" Peter snaps. "We're just here to show our visitor how we have fun around here."
"Perfect!" Captain Hook says withdrawing his sword. "Care to go first?"
"With pleasure." Peter grabs his knife out and jumps down on the boat. He lunches at Captain Hook.
"Uh uh uh!" Captain Hook snickers. "You'll have to try harder then that." He moves out of the way of Peter's lunch.
"Love why don't you show them how you spar?" Peter asks.
"It would be an honor." I smile. "Dan, which one should I use?"
"Airsoft gun!" Dan says almost exactly after I ask him.
"Airsoft it is!" I pull the gun out of its holster and charge it up. "Who wants to go?"

All of the Lost Boys picked a partner. Gabe went with Smee, Dan and Nico went with two that had eye patches, Conner and Kai went with two with bandanas, and Brad and Robbie went with two that had wooden legs.

Which led me with the one and only, the one I kinda wanted to spar with, Channing. "Miss me?" I smirk.
"Yes actually, I wanted to tell you I'm consider joining your school back in London." He says truthfully.
"You can try but in my world it's easier to get away with murder." I shrug. "No one would suspect a fourteen year old girl."
"Would they suspect a hot guy who just moved to town?" He questions.
"One hundred percent." I admit. "It's easier to blame someone they don't know."
"Well then I'll just do it not in town, I'll go somewhere else and do it there." Planned the whole thing out didn't you.

"Well it's a shame you won't have the chance." I fire a bullet and hit him in the arm. "Cause your not coming to my place."
A grin grows on his face and he runs over trying to get me with his dagger. I move over and watch his despair.
"You'll have to be better then that." I laugh.
He narrows his eyes and lunges again. And once again I dodge it.
"I'll miss doing this." I sigh.
"I will too Cutie," he chuckles. "But I'll have all the time to do it in London."

"Alright boys and Love," Peter calls out sounding bored. "It's time to head back we have a night of celebrating to do." We all gather up on the side of the boat.
"I'll see ya next." I wink.

"Yo Peter!" Robbie yells. "You'll never what Channing Traitor said to Wendy."
"What he say?" Peter says angrily.
"He said he might come to London." I mumble shoving a piece of apple in my mouth.
"What?!" Peter exclaims. "When were you gonna tell me?"
"I really wasn't." I whisper. "For this reason."
"Never mind though I'll be able to keep tabs on you." He motions to the locket hanging from my neck.
"And I'll be able to keep tabs on you." I snarl.

"Ok time for the sad time." Robbie cries. All the boys line up and prepare to say good bye. "Wendy," Robbie starts. "I've only know you for eleven days but you are awesome and I'm gonna miss you so much!"
"I'll miss you too." I give him a hug and Dan walks over.
"Next time you come only bring the Airsoft." Dan smiles.
"Nah I'm bringing them both." I give him a hug and Nico walks over.
"Call me if Channing comes to London." He frowns.
"Will do!" I promise and give him a hug. Then Kai walks over.
"Here," he hands me a small pint with yellow powder in it. "Just in case."
"Thank you." I take the powder and shove it in my pocket the give him a hug. Brad walks over and grins.
"Don't know how you made Peter fall in love but I'm glad you did." He taps his chest in a form of respect.
"Neither do I but I'm glad it happened." I give him a hug.

Gabe walks over with his hands in his pockets. "You're a tuff girl ya know that?" He says. "I honestly thought we were gonna kill you. And for once in my life I was wrong."
"And you're happy because deep down you care about me." I pull him into a hug. "You know it was never going to happen anyway." Gabe shakes his head and walks away. Conner strolls up and grins.
"I'm gonna miss you most of all." I quote.
"I'm sorry when we meet I was a betrayed your trust and made you jump of a cliff." He laughs. "But next time you come back I'll be waiting where we meet and we'll fly together."
"I'll be counting down the days." I jump into his arms and give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Ready Love?" Peter ask me.
"Ready as I'll ever be." I take his hand and he floats up and heads to London.

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