poisoned me

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curled up inside, behind those eyes,

is a magic i at one point owned,

i loved it dearly,

and held it close to my heart.

but you have taken it,

and moved it so far.

i still remember how it sparkled in my hands,


against my skin

it loved me back,

like nothing, or no one else ever had

inside those veins,

my blood remains

you took it from me

and i purposely with-stood the pain

just so i could simply make you happy

but now you've gone and left me

sitting here in the cold

with no other place to go

behind your lungs remains my soul

you've locked up,

to grow so old,

the air you breathed,

all the air, that came from me

you exchanged with your very own

i can feel it begin to grow,

the piosoning,

inside of me,

it burns,it poisons me more,

each time i blink

each time my heart beats,

each time i take a breath to breathe,

farther it goes,farther it sinks

you poisoned me.

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