Chapter Eleven : Chances

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Chapter Eleven : Chances

[A/N: that's Daya btw ^ 😍😭]

Justin has been happier and so has Daya. Even though they are constantly talked about on the news, they tried their best to ignore all of it. But sometimes, it's hard.

Daya also has been working hard with Michelle. She's been pushing herself to max, and she knows that it's all worth it.

"When are we going to hang out?" Justin whined over the phone, it's been like this for the pass couple of days now.

"Today," Daya said, "I just gotta do a few things then I'll text you later."

"Okay baby but don't keep me waiting too long," Justin says, she can just picturing him smiling.

Daya rolls her eyes, "Boy, shut up."

"I can't wait to see you, coco bean," Justin says.

"I'm gonna hang up," she says in a serious tone, even though she wouldn't.

"You're done," the woman said to Daya, after she got done with her hair.

"Thank you," Daya says as she looks at her hair in the mirror. "I like it a lot."

Daya decided to treat herself today and get her hair done. She got extensions because she wanted to and plus, she liked when her hair swung.

She shot Justin a text when she got home. Of course, he responded within seconds, saying that he would he at her house within an hour.

That gave Daya time to get ready. She wanted to look nice since she was feeling herself with her extensions.

So she got a white long sleeved crop top that had some parts that showed her skin. She also put on a green skirt that showed a lot of her brown legs and that hugged her body right. Lastly, she added some gold sandals with the outfit.

Daya stood in the mirror for a while and looked at herself. She could tell that she's been losing weight because she kinda felt good about showing off her body. Of course, she still has thick thighs and she doesn't have the flattest stomach but she's getting there.

Her thoughts were cut short when she heard a knock on the door, she quickly applied lipgloss on her lips then went downstairs to open the door.

"It took you forever—," Justin said but once he got a good look at Daya he stopped talking.

She looked like this brown beach beauty. Justin couldn't stop staring at her beautiful figure, he was totally speechless.

"Justin, stop staring at me," Daya said as she snapped her fingers at him.

Justin closed his mouth and licked his lips slowly, "You look fine as fuck."

Daya wasn't expecting that from him at all, and it kinda took her off guard.

"Is this too much?" Daya asks worriedly.

"No," Justin shook his head, "You look good Daya..real good."

Daya awkwardly grabbed some shades from the counter and put them on the top of her forehead. She looked at Justin to find out that he's been staring at her all the time.

"Justin, please stop looking at me like that," Daya hits his chest slightly.

"Daya, you don't understand how good you look right now," Justin says while eyeing her up and down.

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