"What, what's wrong?" Aria whispered by me. A creepy, toothy, probably meant to be flirty smile rested across her lip. Her eyes were still focused on the mafia member as she nudged my side.

Huh, mafia member.

I was pretty shocked that all I did right there was stare at him with my jaw dropped.

My cousin was particularly dating a mafia member.

"Myrna! Snap out of it." Aria shook my shoulder while snapping her fingers in front of my face.

I looked at her trying to give her a small smile but failing the way through it. I didn't know how to explain to her the sudden outburst I had when I saw Justin. I couldn't. How can you tell someone something like that?

"What's wrong Myrna?" Kim slowly asked behind Aria.

"Umm, he's not as ugly as I thought?"

"God damn." Aria muttered under her breath while rolling her eyes. She took a deep breath trying to calm herself down.

"Oh my god Natalie should I call him or wait for him to notice me?"

I mentally face palmed walking beside Kim. This girl was so stupid. Natalie tried to advise her to take deep calming breaths and telling her it's not that big of a deal.

"Oh my god he's coming towards us." She squealed while trying to prevent herself from jumping on her heal.

"Does she have to use oh my god at the start of every sentence she states?" Kim quietly whispered to me.

I just hummed in agreement.

Justin reached us, saluting Aria with a hug and flashing her a smile. I took that moment to examine him. He had the slightly long blonde hair at the top of his head, with a pair of pale blue eyes. He was wearing a navy blue leather jacket that was open with a white sweater underneath.

"This is Kimberly, Natalie, and this is my cousin Myrna

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"This is Kimberly, Natalie, and this is my cousin Myrna." Aria introduced.

He saluted Kim and Natalie with his eyes, but when they landed on mine, he looked taken aback for a moment.

Maybe I was narrowing my eyes too much at him.

I just nodded in his direction, with a sudden urge to slap him across his face.

Okay I was too upset about it, but he was freaking dangerous.

"That's the famous Myrna that the whole Columbus High School is talking about?" He averted his question towards Aria giving her a small smile.


"Our whole school talks about me?" I nudged Kim whispering.

She just shrugged in return.

Aria flashed him a smile in agreement.

"I know because I graduated from it last year, the school's news always reach me." He stated while looking at me, the smile still plastered on his lips.

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