Chapter 10

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Camila held Laurens hand as she knocked on the door, she instantly felt nervous and hid around the corner.

"Lauren darling, how are you" Sinu asked as she opened the door, she walked into the living room as Lauren followed after her. Camila slowly creeping behind Lauren.

Sinu sat on the sofa with Alejandro whilst Sofia sat alone on the tree piece, Lauren remained at the door.

"Lauren mija, why are you not sitting down?"

"I have a surprise for you" Lauren spoke feeling nervous, she looked behind her and saw Camila hiding around the corner yet again.
"Do you want to come in?" Lauren spoke as Sinu, Alejandro and Sofia wondered who Lauren was talking to.

"Lolo, who's there?" Sofia asked.

Lauren smiled at Sofia before grabbing Camila's hand and walking into the room as Camila pops her head around the door, leaving Camila's family speechless.

"Surprise?" Camila nervously asked as she scanned her family's faces, all were looking at her as tears brimmed their faces.

"Karla! Mija, where have you been?" Sinu asked as she stood up.

"Sinu,maybe you should sit back down a second" Lauren suggested, so Sinu did. Seconds later Camila fully steps into the room and her parents and younger sister all do a double take when they see just how 'big' she is.

"Karla, what's this?" Alejandro asked as and Sinu stood up to hug her. She returned the hug to her parents before looking at Sofia, not bothering answering her father just yet.

"Hey butterfly queen" Camila whispered as she stroke Sofia's hair.

"Hi Lolo" Sofia spoke, ignoring her sister. Camila bit her lip to avoid tears falling down.

"How about we sit down Camz?" Lauren spoke as she sat in between the Cabello siblings.

Silence filled the room until Camila spoke.

"I'm pregnant"

"I can see that" Alejandro spoke, "is it Laurens?".

"Of course its Laurens, Ale!" Sinu spoke as she smacked Alejandro's shoulder.

"Yes and no" Camila spoke as she looked at Lauren who smiled at her and intertwined their fingers together.

"Its either yes or no Camila, there's no both" Sofia spoke as she rolled her eyes at her older sister.

Camila was about to say something but she felt Lauren lean away from her and to Sofia, she saw Lauren whispering to Sofia and then sat back up again.

"Sorry Camila. I'm just annoyed with you" Sofia truthfully said.

"I know you are princess, but if its okay, can I tell you all why I've been... You know, gone?" Camila asked.

Sofia sighed but agreed as Camila's parents nodded their heads quickly.

Camila recalled everything she had to experience from the months she had been missing, she didn't go into so much detail about the attack, due to her sister being in the room however.

"Karla, I'm so glad you're alive, we have missed you so much" Sinu cried.

Sofia was currently sitting on Laurens knee, leaning close to Camila. Of course she was annoyed that her sister left her, but hearing the reason why, she felt bad for everything.

"So back to my question, I asked if the baby's was Laurens... Is it?" Alejandro asked, hoping it was rather than the other option.

"Yes and no. No because unfortunately Lauren didn't help, you know create this baby. But yes in terms of that fact that we will both be the baby's mothers" Camila spoke and smiled when Lauren kissed her hand.

"Lolo? What about Lucy?" Sofia whispered loudly in Laurens ear.

"What does this have to do with Lucy?" Camila questioned.

"Lucy and Lolo were girlfriends!" Sofia exclaimed hoping to tease Lauren but not knowing that now Lauren was in trouble with her older sister.

"Oh" Camila spoke but dropped the conversation.

Two and a half hours of catching up and Camila was worn out, she and Lauren went back to Laurens home. The drive was silent and Lauren was mentally cursing herself.

"Hey, would you like some water?" Lauren asked once the two got in the house. Camila whispered a yes please before she sat on the chair.

Once Lauren appeared again, it was silence until Lauren spoke up, "Is there any chance we can talk?"

"Can we cuddle first? Then talk?" Camila asked as she gave a shy smile to Lauren.

"Of course we can" Lauren answered as the girls sat in a position that allowed Lauren to be behind Camila as she hugged her.


"Okay. I'm just gonna say it... Lucy and I dated"

"I kinda figured that earlier"

"When you left, I was heartbroken. Obviously I didn't know anything had happened, and well, we tried looking for you, but as days passed, I thought that that was your way of breaking up with me. It was hard, but I thought, I couldn't wait any longer. Lucy and I did become girlfriends, but then we agreed on being friends. However during our time as friends when I had a business meeting in New York, Lucy came with me and we were, having sex a lot of the time. After we came back to Miami we decided that we would strictly just be friends, she has her boyfriend back, and I have you... That's, if you still want me?" Lauren asked.

"Of course I freaking want you" Camila giggle as she sat up and kissed Lauren on the cheek.

"I'm glad you're back, life was boring without you"

"Obviously! I'm the bees knees" Camila joked as Lauren threw her head back into a fit of laughter.

"You most definitely are" Lauren spoke with admiration filled in her voice.

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