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Chapter 13:

We left the motel about two hours later. Not a single person wanted to spend an entire night in that shifty place. I'm pretty sure that there was a cockroach that was the same length as my size 6 shoe. Not to mention the fact that I could hear rats moving through the walls. How on Earth that place had no health violations was beyond me.

Our replacement car was already waiting for us. The Ford replacement was a very nice Cadillac SUV. Of course it was black with tinted windows, just as the other vehicle had been. It was for our own safety and security that it was like this, we wouldn't want anyone to recognize us when we were so close to getting a clean break out. Not even a week until we would be completely free.

“Shotgun!” I claimed as I made a break for the car.

Of course Wallace was on my tail. “That's not fair! I claimed shotgun for the rest of the trip!”

“Shotgun only works once.” I said.

“Not on road trips!” he says as he runs past me and into the car.

“You're a real jack ass, you know that?” I told him after climbing into the back seat. This time I climbed behind him on purpose. I was going to make this trip a living hell for him. Twenty four seven I would be flicking his ears and pinching his neck until he gave me the front seat the next time we stopped.

I really didn't want to be this close to Jay right now. After what had almost happened in the motel room, I just didn't want to see his devilishly handsome face. No, I wanted to smack him, then pull him down to kiss the shit out of him. I don't understand why he didn't just kiss me back there. It's not like he hasn't kissed me before. Hell, we've made out, for crying out loud! But nooooo, this time was different. Something was up. Maybe because we didn't have to kiss anymore, he didn't want to. Perhaps now that he was out of prison he wasn't as desperate for female companionship as he had been. Once we were completely safe he would probably start looking for it in other places. Prettier, easier women who had money. Women who hadn't been arrested for murder.

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