Chapter 28 - Sam

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Sam's POV

The next thing I know, someone has push me until my back hits a tree. The person who is holding my throat has insanity in his eyes. He snarls at me, showing me his fangs.

“Where is my beloved?!” he screams at me. His hold around my neck tightens until the point I can’t answer him back.

Jacques quickly push him away from me, standing in between the two of us.

“Pierre, calm down,” Jacques says in a way that he doesn’t want to anger Pierre. I have no idea who Pierre is until I remember the conversation Aunt Zoë and I had in the taxi.

Pierre is Aunt Zoë’s beloved.

“How can I calm down when my beloved is in danger?” he snarls at Jacques.

“I’m so sorry,” I burst out, a sob threatening to come out.

Pierre shows no sign of surprise as he snarls at me this time, “Who are you? What have you done to Zoë?”

I take a deep breath before straightening my back and look into his eyes. A way a leader should always behave. “I am Samantha Weinbach. Current leader of the Paris coven.”

Pierre looks stun with my answer as he bows respectfully at me. I nod back in reply since he’s the leader of the Strasbourg coven.

“So you’re Zoë’s niece? The one who was sent to London?” he asks, no longer looking angry. I can tell that he still didn’t know that Aunt Zoë’s body is at the back of him.

I let out a dark chuckle. “We’re still in London, Pierre.”

Jacques gives me a strange look. I can already tell what he’s trying to say. How is Pierre going to react when he turns around to see Aunt Zoë’s lifeless body?

I can’t help but stare at her remains. Pierre follows my eyes and freeze when his eyes land on her body.

He looks at me with anger before pouncing at me, snarling and hissing uncontrollably. The vampire side of Pierre has taken over, thinking that I was the one who killed her.

Fortunately, Jacques is there to stop him from attacking me.

“Pierre!” Jacques snaps at Pierre. “It isn’t Sam’s fault! It is Vincent Retelli who murdered Zoë!”

Pierre finally stops attacking Jacques and looks at both of us in disbelief. “A Retelli?” he repeats, a grin forming on his face.

I look at him weirdly. Why the hell is he smiling when he found out that a powerful vampire of all time murdered his beloved? Has he gone mental?

Jacques looks at me for explanation which I shake my head at him in reply. It is clear that the both of us have no idea what has gone to Pierre’s head.

Pierre gives me an evil grin that brings chills behind my spine. “A Retelli killed my Zoë, eh?” he asks and start to walk towards Aunt Zoë’s body.

Jacques and I follow him silently, watching him kiss Aunt Zoë’s cold forehead. He murmurs something about getting revenge which makes me stunned. He’s going to go after Vincent? Alone? Without backup? He’ll get killed!

He stands up and starts to walk away.

I use my vampire speed so I am in front of Pierre, stopping him from sacrificing his life to do something stupid.

“Are you crazy? You’ll get killed if you try to kill Vincent! He has a coven and werewolves under his control on his side. There’s going to be war! Think of your coven! Who’s going to take over when you’re dead? Huh?” I snap at him, making sure that he’s thinking straight.

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