I'm Not Okay - I Promise

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[Tony's pov]

Vic and Jaime left Mike and I alone. Before all of this mess happened, I would of loved to be alone with Mike, my fiance. But now that I was tangled up in such a disaster with my fiance and a girl I loved in high school, I dreaded being alone with Mike. I know he'd wanna talk about why I'd been acting so weird lately. I really don't know how I would tell him this, "Hey, yeah, I lied, that wasn't some 14 year old fan girl asking for autographs at the door. It was the most beautiful girl I once knew from high school that I may or may not still be in love with hopelessly." Yeah, that would totally work. NOT! 

I fumbled with my fingers for a few minutes as Mike stared at me from across the room. I felt the heat rise into my cheeks with each an every blink Mike had. Minutes passed, they felt more like hours that I hated actually. I shyly looked up from my fingers to turn to Mike who had gotten closer to me. He was now sitting next to me. "Tony, why are yu acting so shy and weird all of a sudden?" Mike sounded worried. I sighed and thought for a quick minute before pulling the words together in my mind. "It's nothing, I'm not acting weird." I whispered, still playing with my fingers. That is, until Mike had put his hands on mine. "Tony, come on. I know you're lying. Something is wrong, and you are acting weird. Just tell me, please." It was as if Mike were pleading me to tell him. I finally looked up, meeting his brown eyes with mine. "It's just complicated." I couldn't tell him. Not yet anyways, not until I sorted all of this out. 

I decided I would change the subject. "So, where did Vic and Jaime go?" I asked gorgeous man sitting next to me. "Uhmm I don't remember." He responded almost instantly. I let out a short breath and stared at my shoes. I know I was acting weird but I couldn't help it. I got up and onto my feet and walked towards Mike and I's hotel room. I fell on the bed and reached into my pocket trying to pull out a guitar pick I always carried but instead I found the note that Jennifer had left me last night. As soon as I saw it I shot up off my bed and looked at my watch. It was 12:30Pm fuck! Jennifer left at 2:00Pm today, how the hell was I going to find her? I scanned the note quickly and realized she said something about a friend of her's that worked in this hotel. I shoved th paper back in my pocket and ran out the door. As I was running down the hall I bumped into Mike. "Tony? Why are you running? Where are you going?" He asked me in such a panic. I looked at him and grabbed his face with my 2 worn hands. I then kissed him for a minute and pulled back "I'll be right back. I have to go get something." I whispered and gave him another kiss as a smile swept across his face. Mike shook his head and walked to where ever the hell he was going and left me to run to the lobby.

I searched the lobby for any familiar faces and realized there were none. The hope I had slipped away from me slowly. I took a deep breath and remember Jennifer said her friend that worked here was a girl. I looked around the filled lobby one more time before I found 3 girls in the hotel uniforms. I sighed and walked up to the first girl who had long red hair and ear rings. "Excuse me?" I said to the unknown worker. "Yes, how may I help you sir?" She was polite and quiet. "Call me Tony. But I was wondering if you knew a Jennifer Anne Lainly?" I had a hint of confidence in my voice but that all disappeared when the women shook her with a "No, sorry." and turned back to her work. I turned around looked at the next female worker, she had blonde short hair and brown eyes like mine. I took one more deep breath and walked up to her, repeating what I said to the other worker. Sadly, I got the same response too. There was 1 last worker that was female that I saw. "Excuse me, miss?" I said shyly. The brunette turned to meet me with a smile. "Yes?" her voice was soft and calm. "Do you know Jennifer Anne Lainly?" I asked, hoping I would get a better answer than I had before. She shook her head with a no as I dropped mine and breathed the words "Dammit! Tony, you always fuck things up." The worker, who I didn't know the name of, looked at me with sorrow and she sighed loudly, forcing me to raise my head. "I don't know her. But  know someone who does." she said looking at me one more time. The ends of my lips perked up forming a smile at her words. "Can you take me to her?" I asked with hope. She shook her head, but this time it was a yes. "Thank you so much, err-- uhm I don't know your name." I finished, rubbing the back of my neck. She giggled "My name is Stacey, it's nice to meet you, Tony..?" She said to me. Before I knew it Stacey grabbed my arm and led me to the person who would help me find Jennifer. 

A/N- Sorry it's a shortish chapter. I know I'm also lacking on updating. Sorry! I'll try to update tomorrow, (Try..but I promise) I also hope you guys had a wonderful holiday! And enjoy the rest of your holiday break :) Next chapter, I promise will have more Vic and Jaime action and will explain what happened after the whole song Jaime sang. I also apologize for only having Tony's pov in this chapter but I wanted to explain some stuff that was going through his head but OHHH CLIFF HANGER haha :)

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