16 - "Oh shit. You just need the alcohol, girl."

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January 2006

It's January, which means a new year. I talk to the boys once a month, and I promised to go on hunts with them every six months. From what I've gathered, Ricki and Heath are off doing their thing, while Sam and Dean are doing their thing, which is normal. Ricki and Heath have different music taste from Dean, and Dean always drives, which means that he gets to pick the music and "shotgun and backseat shuts their cake holes." That, and Heath gets a headache from the mullet rock.

"Dallas? There's a man here asking for you. Says he doesn't need an appointment, and that I don't need to know his name." My secretary, Mic, says, sounding a like she's holding back a laugh.

"Describe him." I respond.

"Tall, green eyes, kinda spiked hair, pretty cute, if you're into the grunge thing."

"That's Dean. Send him back." I say, and hang up. "You do know that you have my number, right?" I say as he walks in.

"Well, hello to you too." He says, looking me up and down. "Don't you look professional as hell." He smirks.

"I'm at my job, Dean. What's up?" I ask, and he looks at the candles on my desk.

"What're these doing here?" He picks up an unlit one.

"It's to balance the office. I've had a long day, Dean. Why are you here?" I smile, holding my files to my chest.

 Why are you here?" I smile, holding my files to my chest

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"Tell me about it." He says, and takes a seat in the patient couch, patting the spot next to him. I'm a little taken aback, because nobody ever wants to hear about my day.

"You want to hear about my day?"

"Of course I do." He says, and he just melts my fucking heart a little.

"I might cry, but that's because I normally don't talk about my days." I say, locking the door before sitting down next to him. "So last time I saw you, I told you about the woman who sent her significant other to prison, she won, and I hadn't heard from her in a while, so I had Mic, that's my secretary, leave her a message, and I didn't hear anything back, so I googled her name, and I found out she was killed. Multiple stab wounds." A tear slips down my cheek. "The guy in prison's brother did it. I have to testify next month at the trial, which will put a target on my back." I wipe my tears. "I talked to an absolute psycho about his court mandated treatment, and how he only had to do an induction, but he actually had to do sessions, and if he refuses to do the sessions, because he didn't do the treatment I sent him to jail, they'll pick him up tonight. I had to do that yesterday too. I spilt my coffee on myself when I was walking from the subway here," I point to the stain on my pants. "And I think Matt is going to propose."

"Well, the last thing doesn't sound too bad."

"It is when you're opposed to marriage." I point out and he nods.

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