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AN: This story will not be linked to The Styles Effect series in anyway aside from it being Assassin's story. This is his own story and what I would have written if I didn't write the Styles Effect.

My partner was a young brooding man with a 24/7 stone cold expression on his masculine face, paired with two heavy menacing jade green eyes, a jawline sharper than the pocket knives tucked in his shoes and sleeves and a quick tongue that could only speak the Italian language.

Being an assassin, you were either assigned two types of jobs, protecting an important client or killing a specific, dangerous target- which I personally think is kind of a little too intense so I usually stick to the previous option.

"I'm going to be taking a shower." Katia informed me in a smooth sultry voice, her sun kissed skin hidden under the white soft fabric of her bath robe that was slowly sliding down her slender shoulders in a suggestive manner as I looked up from my paper to smile at her, only to find her brown eyes trained on my partner across the room who was seated on the couch.

Harry sharpened the considerably large pocket knife in his hand, running the blade against the steel rod in his grasp quietly before he paused, broad shoulders tense as he turned his head up to look at us when he felt our stares, his face etched with slight irritation.

I turned my attention back to our client Katia who dared to lock her eyes with his, a silent message being sent between the two with me stuck in the middle quickly looking back and forth from him and him as she bit her bottom lip, scrunching her shoulders up a bit causing her robe to reveal even more of her flawless skin while she moved her blonde hair to the side.

Was she implying that someone needed to watch her? I could do it.

It was possible the showerhead could fall and hit her skull.

Or she could easily slip on the wet floor and snap her neck.

Harry watched Katia with a calculating gaze, his eyes flickering to her somewhat revealed chest before going back up to her face and without another word, he turned his attention back to sharpening his knife, actually yawning into the back of his hand as he did so in an uninterested gesture.

Katia looked more than disappointed and offended, her confidence crumbling on the spot as she inhaled sharply at the obvious rejection.

Oh no.

"Uh, here," I quickly said, snapping her glare away from Harry as I handed her one of the mini hotel shampoos I had taken from the bathroom this morning, retrieving the small bottle from my bag of weapons.

"It has the best scent and I just really love the little bottles this hotel carries -I mean gosh they're just so cute I took everything. Don't worry, I'm leaving 'thank you' lime green sticky notes everywhere." I explained when she sent me a look, holding the shampoo while I showed her my stack of notes with cute 'thank you' messages written on them by yours truly.

She didn't say anything, just stared at me for a moment before letting out an annoyed scoff, turning on her heel and walking into the bathroom before slamming it shut with a loud bang that echoed throughout the suite, leaving Harry and I alone.

"Okay, hope you enjoy it!" I called out with a small smile, going back to sticking all my little notes onto every flat surface of the hotel room, especially over the pillows because wow were those mints amazing.

I ate Harry's pillow mint.

And Katia's.

I don't really think they minded though... well I hope not.

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