His Fallen Angel

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- Sypnosis -

Jessie Simpson was a Fallen.

An Angel cast down to Earth by God. Two long scars decorated her back showing anyone who looks upon it, the pain she endured. The pain of one's wings being burned off torturously. She was sentenced to live the rest of her days as a mortal, never to tell anyone of her abilities or her origins.

But that was before she met him...


Alex Martin was a man not to be messed with and if is, be blessed you're not them. He was Alpha, leader of the Pack, strongest warrior of all. Not one ounce of him was gentle or nice be in fact.

But that was before he met her...

The moment he saw her was it for him, he vowed to himself that he would protect, cherish, and love her.

But how could he do that when he doesn't even know her name..


Hey guys! Thanks if you're planning on reading the story.

Hey guys! Thanks if you're planning on reading the story

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