Trying To Move On

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 NOTE! So I plan on finishing my other stories but I needed to write this one. Plus Im taking an extreme amount of classes this semester, but I will find time to write this. NOW! If you happen across this and you enjoy it please vote for it, comment on it, and if you really like, fan me! It would make me feel special. If you dont like it comment and tell me why. I promise I wont get my feelings hurt!

Also Im thinking I need to add this. There are graphic scenes in this book. VERY graphic. If that isnt your thing or you are squeamish STAY AWAY! You have been warned.

I think it’s time!” I yelled, half excited half scared as shit. I couldn’t believe it was here already.

I heard the thundering of feet coming from above me. That would be the triplets, Anthony, Andrew, and Aubrey. I loved them to death but I swear they were more than a little over excitable.  The triplets pounded into the hallway damn near tripping over each other.

“Get the bags in the car and let’s do this!”  Aubrey screamed. He was my best friend. He was six foot two and about 230 pound of pure muscle. He was hot, of course, all of my guys were but I just didn’t see them in that light. Anthony and Andrew were the same height but varied in weight. Anthony weighed about 180 and was more slim and defined were Andrew was about 200 pound and very ripped. All three had hazel eyes and curly brownish red hair. Their mom, who also happens to be a famous model, and dad, their mom’s manager, passed on some very good genes.  Their mother, Ariah, had these most gorgeous, flawless dark brown skin and big almond shaped brown eyes. She was breathtaking. Their father, Vince Sr.  was mixed and looked more tan than anything with the hazel eyes. The twins got their coloring from their father obviously.

“Hold your horses and calm down.” That came from Vince. He was always calm, always in charge, almost always clear headed. Vince was six foot one and right around 190 pounds of ripped muscles covered in a caramel tone. He was hot, hotter than his brothers in my opinion, not that I would ever tell him or the twins that. I shudder every time I think of their reaction. First open mouthed shock, followed by laughter and incessant teasing. Also rejection. I know Vince doesn’t feel for me what I feel for him.

“I think I’m ready,” I said.  I was not as enthusiastic as the triplets were. I wasn’t looking forward to the pain I would be in. If you haven’t guessed it by now, Im in labor and the baby is coming sometime soon!

Vince ushered us out of the house and I waddled to the car, passing pack members along the way. Yes we are wolves, but this is still going to hurt! And Im nervous, Ive never been a mom before. But I know Vince and my boys are here for me.

No Vince isn’t the father, no one in this pack is, but that’s a story for another time and right now Im in labor!

Flahback 9 months ago

Today was a good day. I spent my time at the library after I cleaned the pack house, did the laundry and put the roasts in for dinner. I’m something like the pack maid even though I shouldn’t be. They way they treat me is almost unbearable. I don’t mind the comments they throw at me. I don’t care what they think of me, my father taught me to be strong minded before he died. I paused in the woods on my way home.  I was taking a shortcut to get home or I would be late but I took the time to think about the day we got the horrible news.