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Ok, yeesh, I really hope you like this story! *Starts to nervously sweat and laugh*
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Carter's Point of View

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" I mumbled, staring straight at the dark and creepy path heading for the tunnel no one dares to go through.

"Hell yeah!" Francis shouts, causing a shushing sound to immediately escape my mouth.

"Shut up, Carter," Jessica mumbled to me before continuing, "I vote she leads the way."

"What? No!" With my head furiously shaking in disagreement, my body began to tremble. Would they really make me take the lead? I'm younger than all of them! If anything, I should stick in between Francis and Gavin.

"Someone sounds like a chicken," Kate snickered, elbowing my side before pushing me closer to the tunnel.

"Please s-stop, Kate," I mumbled, my voice coming out in stutters as I could feel the tears building up in my eyes. They were really starting to scare me. Me and the darkness don't mix well together, and they know that.

"Do you want me to hold your hand?" Ryder pouted, holding out his hand, waiting for me to unexpectedly take it; but I didn't. Instead, I crossed my arms and glared at them all. Out of the five of them, Ryder scared me the most. He wasn't the one to hold a grudge and believe it or not, this was his stupid idea that got everybody on board. Everybody except my reluctant self.

"Go ahead, Carter! Lead the way, we'll be behind you the whole time," Jessica spoke, giving me a reassuring smile. I can't believe I was doing this; I nodded and turned to face the tunnel. Gripping tightly onto the flashlight I held in my hand, I shone it on the large entrance of the tunnel, still not allowing me to see anything inside. I steadied my pace, not really caring to look back at my so called friends. My eyes were practically glued to the tunnel.

With every step I took, the more closer I got, I just wanted to turn around and leave. Letting out a small and quiet whimper as my body slowly shuffled into the big tunnel, I could hear nothing but little droplets of water falling onto a rusty grey pipe spread against the wall.

"Guys, this really isn't a good idea," I whispered, not wanting anything inside this tunnel to hear me. When I got nothing but silence, my mind clicked to why I wasn't getting an answer. I twisted my body and shone the flashlight behind me; no one was following me. It was just me in this dark, creepy tunnel. An overwhelming feeling started to flash across my body as I stood there.

I suddenly heard the sound of a foot slamming against the cement ground, making me body jolt and a gasp to escape from my mouth. Tears started pouring down my cheeks at the thought of something else being in this tunnel and not just me. I moved my flashlight and shone it in every corner, wanting to know that nothing was there. When all things were scaring me to a point, I began to hum, making my way deeper into the tunnel. Why aren't you getting the heck out of there, Carter?! Ok, maybe I'm really curious.

My humming was getting weaker by the sound of another footstep. With so much luck on my hands, I noticed my flashlight starting to die down.

"No, no, no," I repeatedly whispered just as the battery inside of it completely died. The next thing I knew, I felt something wrap around my waist as a hand covered my mouth. That's when the crying and the hyperventilating kicked in. I was pulled against what felt like bare skin of an upper body.

"Isn't it past your bedtime, babe?" The voice whispered directly in my ear.


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