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Fav song: mamma,I'm not ok and Helena by mcr
Um the whole blurryface album
All of panic at the discos albums
And a lot more

Fav sport: ice skating, swimming and horseback riding

Fav band: mcr,top,p!atd

Fav show:  vampire diaries, glee, pretty little liars and more oh and I also forgot BLACK BUTLER.

Fav movie: the phantom of the opera and a lot more

Fav food: French fries

Fav drink: cherry Dr.pepper or cherry Pepsi

Fav game: (be prepared it's a long list)
Skate 3

Mystic messenger
Seduce me the otome 1 & 2

And a lot more xD

First anime: attack on titan was my first anime

Fav anime: rn it's black butler

Sebastian though (pic above)

Ok that's all for now folks xD
But I was tagged by Yanderechan4 so I did them for likely he bagillonth time but oh well

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