Welcome: Rules+Payment

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Hey guys! Its Olivia. And this is WeThinkDifferently's new "Graphic Shop!

Now the form to get a cover is on the next chapter. But before you go look at that i want to go over some rules, and then the payment :)


1| Be patient with your designer

2| If you request a certain designer and they can not do your cover your request will be passed onto another designer of your choice

3| Don't steal covers. Our designers put a lot of work into these and if you want one the steps to getting one of your own are easy.

4|Do not message this account or your designer constantly asking when the cover will be done. One or two check-up messages are allowed but do not message 100 times because that will put your request at the back of the list

5| If you don't like the cover made you must still use it for 2 weeks. My designers took there time to make it and there work must get some credit.

6| If your designer doesn't make a cover you like you may request another from that designer or another.

7| If it has been more then 3 weeks and you haven't gotten your cover contact this account and we will handle it

8| All payment must be finished before you are given your cover

9| The story MUST be published unless it is going to be published in the next 48 hours from getting the cover. If its not published tell us in the form

10| Be nice to the designers. they are taking time out of there day to help you guys. So please. Dont make them regret it :)


- Follow this account

- Follow your designer

- Put this account and the designer in the description of your story

And thats it! The next chapter will show you the designers and the cover form!

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