A long forgotten

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"So, that's what you sound like." I spin around and see all the guys standing there. Conner of course had to be smirking.
"You weren't surprised to hear that." I say. All the guys are staring bright eyed.
"You're really talented." Kai points out.
"You sound very nice." Brad adds on.
"Why don't you ever want to sing for us?" Nico pouts.
"Cause I don't sing for anyone." I close my eyes and cover my face with my hands.

"Very impressive!" Everyone looks over into dark forest and see Captain Hook, Smee, and the golden boy himself Channing. "I knew you could sing but wow!"

"How does he know you can sing?" Peter asks.
"While I was singing in the tree tops after you pissed me off he heard me." I explain.
"You make me sound like a stalker." Channing gasps.
"You are." I laugh. "Never mind the less you're leaving." I pick up my Airsoft gun and fire a warning shot.
"Very well." He turns and starts to leave but then stops and turns around. "On second thought, before I go." He runs over and pulls me close to him. "I need to do one last thing." He kisses me, not along kiss but for at least eight seconds.

I push him off and wipe my mouth. Then I slap him. "I'll be seeing you again!" He winks then walks away with the two other pirates.
"Son of a bitch!" I growl.
"Remind me why we don't just kill him?" Brad asks.
"Because that's not how we act!" Peter sighs.
"Not anymore." Gabe mutters.

"Is anyone awake?" I whisper.
"I am!" They all call back.
"Since I trust you and care about most of you," I start. "I think it's time I finally did what you've been asking."

One by one the rush over sitting by my hammock. "You're gonna sing for us?" Peter questions sitting next to me.
"Yea," I blush. "It's a song I listen to all the time. It's call Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballerini."
"Fantastic!" Peter exclaims.

"You're always gonna fly away, just because you know you can, you're never gonna learn no such place as Neverland, you're don't understand, you'll never grow up, you're never gonna be a man, Peter Pan." I sing.

"Amazing, only you can find a perfect song to sing with a perfect voice." Peter wraps his arm around me.
"Thank you." I stumble.
"I wish you would sing more often." Robbie gushes.
"Yea like all the time!" Dan agrees.
"Maybe." I shrug. "I need to be myself and that's what I'm gonna do."

"I'm glad." Gabe smiles. It's the first time I've ever seen him smile and to be honest it was beautiful and genuine.
"Thanks, means a lot coming from you." I smile.
"Why?" He laughs.
"Because you hated me and now you kinda care." I explain.
"I never hated you Wendy, I just don't want to get close to you in case things change." His smile fades and reveals a sense of hurt.
"They won't," I begin. "I know for a fact."

We all fall asleep around my hammock. Well except me. I'm lying awake thinking of how much I miss my dad. A tiny puddle appears on my hammock.

"Hey Hank, why don't we go out tonight?" John asks. My dad is sitting on my bed holding a picture of me, him, and my mom.
"Ok, id like that." My dad puts the picture down and strokes the frame.

I don't want to see this! The puddle goes away. "I'm sorry daddy!" I cry. I want to see Jackson and Michael! The puddle reappears.

"It's been like four days!" Jackson yells.
"Why did she go?" Michael yells back.
"Probably because we're jerks!" Jackson snaps.
Michael sits down. "We were so mean to her."

They miss me? No! Go away! The puddle fades again. "Why do they care?" I ask myself. I want to see Matt! The puddle comes back again.

"You're nothing but a cheater!" Jenny screams at Matt. "I knew you liked her!"
"Jenny it's not my fault! She just came into my life and now it's all screwed up!" He complains. "I was trying to use her for you!"
"That's it!" Jenny stops screaming. "You feel like you need her so you can miss me and find out how much you love me!"
"I can't do that though she's gone." He sighs.
"Wait till she comes back." Jenny says.

Really?! "Not this time Matt!" Leave! I don't need to see anymore! The puddle leaves for the third time and I fall asleep.

I wake up early and do something new. I want dagger. A light above me shines down and a silver dagger appears. It look kinda similar to Channing's but this one and my initials on it. W.L.D, Wendy Luna Darling.

"Nice job Love." Peter says. His eyes still closed but a grin on his face.
"First time too." I stand up and walk over to open spot of the camp. "But let's see if I can push a little challenge."
"Oh, and what would that be?" He asks.

I close my eyes. I want to be clean! I've been out in the woods for so long I know I'm probably dirty. I open my eyes and a light shines down on my and all of the dirt and dried blood comes off of my skin. My shirt and shorts not so lucky.
"Interesting," Peter walks over and taps each boy on the head to wake them up. "Let's see how this works." He close his eyes.

"Oh no!" I whine. A green light comes down and covers me. The light dims away leaving me standing there in a purple strapless flowing dress. "How funny! Now put me back in my old outfit." I beg.
"Why? You look gorgeous." Peter comments.
"I look like a princess." I add. "And I'm not one so I'll take my shorts and t-shirt please."
"What do you think boys?" Peter asks the rest of the boys.
"Keep it!" They all yell.
"Change it back!" Conner shields his eyes.
"Yo it's not that bad!" I scold him.

I close my eyes. I want my clothes back! I open my eyes and find my old clothes on me. "Thank God!" I sigh. "Never do that again!"
"We'll see Love." Peter smirks.
"Whatever!" I raise my hands in surrender.
"Give up?" Dan questions.
"Not yet, but yes when it comes to dresses." I laugh. "I don't do dresses."
"I see." He laughs.

I stare down at my wrist and see the slit where Channing cut me. I reach my hand to my neck and feel the hole Captain Hook made. "You're tuff." Conner tells me. "Want the healing powder?"
"No I'm good." I smile. "It's a reminder of who I am. Someone who does things she shouldn't but does them because they can make a difference."
"That you are." He agrees. "But you're also strong and fearless."
"Thanks, I'll remember those word the next time you try to be annoying. I'll be strong enough to beat you!" I giggle.
"I wouldn't expect anything less." He smiles. No not a smirk or a grin. A real smile.

"Peter?" I walk over to him. "I need to talk to you."
"What's wrong?" He sits down.
I take a deep breath and gulp. "I love it here and I love the people here, well some of them. But I was just wondering when am I going home?"

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