The Kitten Has Claws [Chapter 37]

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Chapter Thirty-Seven

Delilah found Jed in his room again. This time he wasn't drunk or singing songs off key. This time he was lying on his bed with a slight smile on his face and a bottle of water in his hand. She took a moment to admire the way his dark brown hair swept temptingly across his forehead. His lashes were long and rested on the crests of his cheekbones and his lips were a dusky pink color. Delilah shook her head as she tried to snap out of it. He was good looking, yes, but he wasn't hers to look at. Besides, he still had a lot to answer for before she would even consider letting him be her friend.

"How did you know?" she demanded seriously.

Jed opened his eyes slowly, revealing bright grey orbs that seemed to pierce right through her. He let them rake over her casually as he yawned. But even when his eyes were slits, she could still feel his fierce stare. "Know what?" he finally asked in a gravelly voice.

She resisted shivering, forgetting how powerful his dark voice was and instead strengthened her resolve to resist him. "How did you know that Theo wasn't my mate, or that I wasn't his? What made you say that?"

He smiled lazily, resting his hands behind his neck. "Ah, so Noelle talked to Ayumu, did she?"

"That doesn't answer my question, Jed," she ground out.

"No it doesn't, does it?" he mused, knowing that he was irritating her.

Releasing a small growl, she curled her fingers into fists, so badly wanting to punch his face in. "Just tell me."

He grinned sexily, sitting up to rest his arms on his knees. "Why do you want to know so badly? Does it really matter where my information is from? All that matters is that I was right. The end."

"Oh it matters alright," she snarled, stalking over to him. She smacked his arm none too lightly and glared. "I'm curious as to how 'you' knew about it."

Jed scowled, not wanting to tell Delilah the true reason behind his knowledge. For one, it was way too early and she would freak out, and another, he was scared. Only a little bit. Okay, maybe more than a little. Either way, he had no plans of telling her any time soon. She was just going to have to get used to his half-assed answers for now. "Look," he sighed, "I have ways of getting information about pretty much anything. Can we please just leave it at that?"

"No!" she howled angrily. He gave her a pointed look, causing her to pout. "Fine," she huffed after an unsuccessful staring match. "I'll give you a reprieve for now. But I want to know!" she emphasized her anger with a childish stomp of her foot. Jed chuckled lightly, ducking under her fist. He grabbed her by the waist and threw her onto the bed next to him.

"How about we distract ourselves with something else in the meantime?" he suggested roguishly. Delilah squealed at his naughty tone and tried to wiggle out of his grip, but he held her in his iron grip, lightly tickling her sides.

"Stop!" she gasped, fighting through the laughter, "Jed! S-stop, I can't breathe! Uncle!" He stopped tickling her, but kept his arm around her waist, placing her flush against his side. Delilah struggled to breathe because his warm body next to hers was a big distraction from even conscious actions, like breathing.

"You surrender too easily," he teased lightly, "We'll have to build up your resistance."

Delilah groaned, "How about we just leave tickling as my Achilles heel and we keep it between the two of us? I don't know if I can handle any more torture."

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