Chapter 51

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(Gemini Pov)

I Was In The Kitchen Putting Away The Groceries For Tay As She Sat On One Of The Stools Telling Me Where What Goes...

"You Can Leave The Pasta And Spaghetti Out" She Said.

"No Problem" I Simply Said.

After A Few More Minutes Of Silence Tay Broke It.

"I Didnt Tell You Cause I Was Scared" Tay Said.

"Mmmm" I Said.

"I Didn't Know What You Would Say.... Or How You Would Take It" She Added.

"Why Would You Say That?" I Asked Her.

If She Wanted To Talk Now I Might As Well Get My Answers.

"From What You Went Through With Tonia... " She Said.

"Tonia?" I Asked As I Turned To Face Her. I Leaned Again The Sink As I Looked At Her. I Could See The Regret And Apologetic Look In Her Face.

"From What She Did Do To You.. I Was Afraid Of How You Would React" She Said. "I Didn't Think You Would Accept Them..." She Added In A Low Tone Of Voice.

"Tay.." I Said. She Didn't Look Up Instead She Played Her Nails.

I Walked Up To Her Got Between Her Legs And Place A Finger Under Her Chin... "Tay Look At Me" I Firmly Said.

She Look At Me. Into My Eyes. And Once Again I Fell For Her Once More. Reason Why I've Loved Her For A Long Time Came Flooding Back. Those Eyes. Those Lips. Those Cheeks. I Faught Hard To Not Touch Lips With Her And Take Her There Like I Once Did. I Felt Like A School Boy With A School Crush.

I Loved This Girl And Still Do. I Made The Mistake Of Letting Her Walk Out That Door Years Ago And I Needa Make Up For That.

"How Could You Not Have Seen The Love I Had For You... And With That Love I Wouldve Gave Everything To Be With You And My Kids" I Told Her.

"Love?" She Asked.

"Yes Love Tay... Im Not Afraid To Admit I Love You... Been Loving You... Alway Have" I Said As I Held Her Face In My Hands. "But Your To Blind To See It" I Told Her.

She Gave Me That Look... I Guess She Didnt Believe Me. But I Was Serious Like A Heart Attack. I Knew She Felt The Same But She Was To Scared To Admit It.

I Looked Down At Her Lips And Then Back To Her Eyes. I Wanted To Kiss Her Yeah But It Was Too Early To Do So. I Kissed Her Forehead And Then Turned Back Around To Fix The Rest Of The Groceries As We Fell Into Another Few Minutes Of Silence Again. But This Was A Good Silence One To Get Tay Thinking...


(Tay Pov)

"Tayyyyy Please Help Me"

"Where Are You?" I Asked.

"Tayyyy Please They'll Kill Me"

"Nooo Please Nooo" I Said.

"1 Down And The Rest Of Your Family To Go"

I Sat Up In Bed Sweating With A Bad Feeling That Something Bad Is Soon To Happen. But The Dream Who Was Calling Me?

I Looked At My Clock And It Was 4:12 AM And I Was Just Scared To Close My Eyes Again.

"1 Down The Rest Of Your Family To Go"

"What Did That Mean?" I Asked Myself.

A Few Hours Later I Woke To The Sun Shining In My Face And The Sun Bean Touching My Exposed Skin. This Time It Was 3:09 PM.

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