Chapter 53

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Previously in Dark and Dangerous Love

“I have no doubt that she’s enjoying every moment of this, being the centre of everyone’s attention. Having everyone worrying over her, you say having the King falling head over heels for her like it’s a bad thing, but I bet you this is what she wanted all along.” Nora chuckled. “Poor Evelyn.”

“Nora!” Jonathan hissed. “I get you are envious of Eve, but please, she’ll only be here with us for so long, don’t make her feel any worse than she already does! I expect you to treat her like you treated her before this entire incident with the King, just for the next few days… please.”

“Whatever you say, dad.”


Throughout dinner, Nora had kept her silence, watching resentfully as her parents fussed over the younger Blackburn and – in Nora’s opinion – the lucky Blackburn. Blinded by her jealousy and pride, Nora failed to see the frail and broken girl who resembled nothing of the vibrant young soul that left the Blackburn manor a few months ago.

The Evelyn Blackburn who sat across her on the small, intimate tea table may still have the physical assets of the Evelyn Blackburn who left on that cold September morning, but the girl inside the body, was nothing alike to the girl she was. During the past few months, Evelyn had aged rapidly, gaining the maturity of a few decades in mere months, while Nora stayed in her narrow mindedness, holding on to her childish ambitions.

Nobody spoke of Evelyn's time in the Royal City, nor the things that went on between her and the King, and nobody wanted to, beside from Nora. As Evelyn and their parents gossiped over the irrelevant lives of their family and friends, Nora was itching to know what went down between Evelyn and the King, but her father had warned Nora against any topics relating vampires.

And due to the respect Nora had for her parents, she couldn’t ask anything vampire related to Evelyn; at least not in front of them anyway… Nora being Nora wasn’t concerned about Evelyn's mental or physical health in the slightest, all she wanted was to know more about the King and the vampires…

So, in order to portray the image of the perfect, loving sister in front of her parents and rip the juicy gossips out from Evelyn's lips, she proposed the perfect offer.

“Eve, would you like to sleep in my room tonight?” Nora asked kindly, an angelic smile spread across her alluring face, a smile that made Evelyn's heart beating with joy, as well as their mother’s. “It would be nice for you and I to have some sister bonding time, it had been so long… I’m sure we have plenty to catch up on.”

It was an offer Evelyn couldn’t refuse.

Despite Nora’s public displeasure in everything that Evelyn does, the naïve younger Blackburn sister couldn’t bring herself into believing that the once beautiful relationship between herself and Nora was perished forever. She believed that against all odds, family was family, and the same blood that flow through their veins would forever bond them together.

She believed that Nora would forgive her for whatever that she had done.

The only person who was slightly concerned over Nora’s sudden kindness was their father, Jonathan. As he watched Evelyn agreeing eagerly, he watched on with concern in his eyes, but said nothing. Despite all the doubt he had for the eldest daughter, he had to give Nora the luxury of doubt on her redemption; she was his daughter after all. Nora and Evelyn were brought up together, he couldn’t see any way that one of them can turn out so compassionate and the other can be so cold hearted.

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