When You're Summoned To The Headmaster's Office

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"Ah," the Headmaster greeted you. "(Miss/Mr/Ms/Your Choice) (y/l/n). Thank you for joining me."

You paused before the elderly male, somewhat intimidated by the superior faculty member.

Noticing your hesitation, he smiled warmly. "Please, take a seat, won't you? I promise this won't take long."

You hastily sat in the pump, velvet chair, opposite the male's desk. Hands folded on your lap, you waited patiently for him to continue speaking.

"So I take it that you know about Mr Scamander's current condition?"

You nodded, not trusting your voice. You felt liable to cry at any moment, and would prefer not to in front of the Head of Hogwarts.

"I understand that this may be difficult for you to converse about but I'm sure you can understand the severity of the situation."

Again, you nodded, feeling sick to your stomach.

"Details of what exactly transpired are still rather sparse. From my understanding, you are close to Mr Scamander, are you not?"


"I am aware that Mr Scamander had dealings with ex-Quidditch team mates in your house. Do you think that they could have had anything to do with the incident?"

You shrugged, imagining Newt lying in the hospital bed, alone. You needed to be with him. As much as you wanted to help the Headmaster, you wanted to be by Newt's side more.

"(Miss/Mr/Ms/Your Choice) (y/l/n), please verbally answer this question rather than nodding, why was Mr Scamander by the lake today?"

This question hurt the most, as you pictured him by the lakeside, animatedly searching for creatures and his eyes shining gleefullywhen he discovered one. That was the Newt you desired to see when you returned back to the infirmary, anything but that lifeless shell.

"He..." you started, tears already pricking your eyes. "He wanted to see the...the...mermaids."

That was it, that was all he wanted to do, observe and care for creatures but something or someone had gotten in the way of that, harming one of the kindest wizards at Hogwarts.

"I see." he responded, pondering on your response. "Well, I believe that is all I need to ask you for the moment. I may wish to speak to you further in the future but I think for now, you should go back to your friend's bedside. Thank you for your time, "(Miss/Mr/Ms/Your Choice) (y/l/n). I hope that we can get this sorted quickly and find out what exactly occured today."

"Thank you, Headmaster." you muttered, rising from your seat and exiting the office. Once free of the room, you ran, needing to return to Newt's side.


He had been stabalised but still he hadn't awoken.

Your friend had offered to keep you company by Newt's bedside but you had kindly declined, you just wanted some time alone with him.

You were lying beside Newt on the bed, your right arm around his waist and head leant on top of his.

You were just randomly saying aloud any thought that came to mind, trying to fill the silence.

"...And that's how (friend's name) likes their tea. I know it's complicated and, well, like them really." you chuckled. "I shouldn't mock them. Even if their tea preferences are somewhat annoying."

You paused for a moment, watching the shallow rise and fall of the young male's chest. It reminded you that he was still alive.

"So, you and I becoming friends was an interesting development." you continued your mindless monologue. "I would have liked it if we could have chatted more about things. You know, likes and dislikes. I feel like there's so much more for me to learn about you." you paused. "I liked the way you said my name. I never thought I'd hear you saying my first name." you smirked. "I hope in the future you'll be saying it a lot more." you had a thought, maybe you could say something shocking that would instantly wake him up. You leant in closer, whispering into Newt's ear:

"I hope in the future I'll be making you scream it."

Nothing. Not a single twitch of the muscles or flutter of an eyelid.

You sighed, making hrumph sound.

"Classy dirty talk, (y/l/n)." a voice suddenly appeared at the doorway.

Your eyes widened, focusing your attention on the figure of Isadora Severum, whom was leaning against the doorway grinning.


Isadora, a Slytherin in your year, grinned. "It's okay, kiddo. You're not the first one to try that technique."

You frowned. "Has it ever worked?"

Her grin broadened. "Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies."

You rolled your eyes, shifting your position slightly in the bed. "So, what's up?"

"Dinner is served if you're hungry."

You pulled Newt closer to you, staring at his paled lips and bruised eyes. "No, I'll eat later."

"I know your friends would like you to eat with them."

Still you shook your head. "Later."


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