Chapter One- The Day I Woke Up Naked

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Chapter One- The Day I Woke Up Naked

June 4th: Full Moon

    Let's get one thing straight here, I was not out having sex in the woods and the guy ditched me afterwards like some are being led to believe. Truth is I can't recollect how I ended up in the woods but I can assure you it wasn't through the act of losing my virginity. Though, waking up in the dirt without any clothes on was startling. Images flashed through my mind though, showing me the blurred faces of wolves as they hovered over me, their eyes watching me in an almost human-like manor.

    I knew they hadn't hurt me in any way because I didn't have a scratch on my body when I woke up. Something inside told me that they hadn't cared about me really, they just were curious as to why I was lying on the ground in their woods. There was still the question of why I was naked.

    The woman who found me - an elderly lady with a tendency to gasp at every interval of breathing - immediately covered me up with her coat, going on about how inappropriate it was for me to be running about naked.  She walked me all the way back to her house, telling me she needed a number to call my parents and that's when everything hit me.

    I couldn't remember anything besides waking up in the woods. There were no memories of parents or where I lived so in that case I didn't have a number to give her. Panic seeped through me as I tried grasping for anything, but my mind was a dark void where the memories of my past were supposed to be.

    "Dear you're going to have to give me a number or I might be forced to take you down to the police station," spoke the old woman, who's name I learned was Gurtrude. You'd think that he being an old woman and all would make her more sympathetic, though I felt as if it just made her more short tempered. Besides I don't think I'd like the police call she'd give, saying that I was found naked out in the woods...can anyone say embarrassing?

    "I don't remember their number..." I mumbled, adverting my eyes from her stare as I shivered under the light jacket which was the only thing covering my body.

    Gurtrude narrowed her eyes at me and clutched the phone tighter in her hands. For and old woman she had a tight grip. I was worried she would break the phone in half or something. "I don't need you lying to me girl. I'd say that you're in no position to lie, especially when I could throw you back outside naked for the whole world to see. Now what is the phone number?"

    "I don't know!" It was as if all the aggravation of losing my memory came out in one short burst of anger. Gurtrude's face flinched at my tone and I was shaking from my temper. Honestly, it was like something inside me didn't want to hold in the anger anymore so it turned on the anger switch.

    Gurtrude didn't say much more after that, but rather ran upstairs to gather some clothing. When she came back down I secrectly hoped she wouldn't be holding a pair of granny panties and a full out matching outfit. To my surprise, though, when she came down she held normal teenage clothes that looked a little worn in, but weren't too shabby.

    Rather than trot in the nude down to her bathroom, I kept the jacket firmly around my body and didn't dare take it off until the door was shut and locked. Pulling the jacket slowly off I examined myself in the mirror for anything out of the ordinary. My face looked in tact while the front half of my body did as well. I already knew that though from the body check I'd done on the way to Gurtrude's, but obviously I hadn't been able to check my backside then.

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