Oh how she seems so gone

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I can't tell whether to hold him close or to try and push him away. Either way I'm screwed.

"Wendy!" Peter drops down next to us and lays eyes on Channing. "Give her to me!"
"Careful now," he smugly replies. "Or I'll drop her."
"Peter!" I whimper.
"Shhh Cutie!" Channing cradles me. "Don't be disturbed."

"If so mush as lay a hand on her I'll make you wish you were dead!" Peter growls.
"But I'm laying both hands on her. And if I don't she'll fall to her death." Channing says innocently.
"Give her to me now!" Peter hisses.
"Relax Peter," Channing grins. "I won't hurt her."
"Can we please discuss this on the ground?" I plead.
"What's wrong Cutie? Scared of flying?" Channing asks.
"More like scared of you." Peter mumbles.

Clenching his jaw Channing makes me face him. "Why don't you use your pixie dust?" Holding me firm in one hand he digs out a white powder in his pocket.
"Cause it won't work." I snap back.
"Want to test that theory?" He snickers pouring some dust on my arm.
"No! Please please no!" I beg him.

"Stop!" Peter budges in.
"I'm only having fun." Channing pouts. He regains both hands on me. "Whoops!" He lets go of me for a split second then grabs me again.
"Ah!" I release a small droplet of fear.
"See how easy it is to have fun? Remember all the times you said finding the truest believer will be fun and we'll make them so scared they'll wish to not have be born?" He asks Peter.
"That was a long time ago." Peter corrects him. "This is not how it is anymore."
"You're right," he wipes my cheek which held a small tear. "It's more like this." He leans in and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

He then looks back up at Peter with eyes of curiosity. Waiting for him to explode.
"If you ever do that again-" Channing's chuckle cuts him off.
"What? You'll hurt me. I don't think you will. Considering if you do this little cutie will know what you really are. A monster!" The last word rings in my head. "But don't worry you won't be here to show her that." Faster then the speed of light he flys us away.

"What possibilities to do today!" Channing cheers. "We can go for a hunt where I'll be chasing you, we can jump off of cliffs where I'll be saving you, or we can sit here and talk where I'll be getting to know you."
"Why don't you just kill me?" I gulp. "Nothing's stopping you."
He laughs at my words. "Because that takes all the fun away."
"Away from what?" I wonder.
"Getting to be able to see you whenever I want." He answers. "I want to know things Peter doesn't, I want to be things Peter can't, I want to have things Peter wants! And all those things come back to you."

"Why don't we start easy?" He suggests. "Sing for me."
"I don't sing." Everyone on this island can go to Hell if they think I'm singing for anyone besides myself or Spiral.
"I heard you in the treetop last night. You sounded very nice." Of course he did!
"I don't sing for people!" I correct myself.
"Well now, at least for the person who saved your life." He protests.
"You're the one who put it in danger!" I yell.

"Alright then fair enough, but you can't distribute the fact I also saved you." He admits. "Why don't you show me how well you can fight." He picks up his silver dagger and lunges at me.
I move out of the way and grab my Airsoft gun.
"What in the Hell is that?" He asks.
"This one won't kill you but it sure will hurt." I threaten. "If you try to come after me I will personally hurt you!" I head over to the door of the treehouse and jog out the door.

After a couple of minutes I see a fire's smoke through the trees. I must be close to camp! I start running and find all the boys sitting around sharpening their weapons. "You don't need them." I call out. I know I scare them because they all drop their things.
"You're ok!" Robbie comes running up and pulls me into a bear hug.
"Thank God!" Dan cheers.
"Love you're back!" Peter rushes over and makes sure I'm not hurt. "How did you escape?"
"That's enough of that." I lean in a place a small quick kiss on his lips. "You talk too much."

"I did not see that coming." Conner says. All the boys nod. "Good to see you're fine." I
hurry over and jump into Conner's arms. "Next time I'm taken by another kidnapper don't be so positive I need rescuing." I laugh.
"Noted!" He laughs.

"How come you were crying when I met you in the tree top?" Peter ask during dinner.
"I was just done talking to my mom." I frown. "I was thinking about her and her spirit came to me. That's when I realized that when you told me to think of someone I couldn't see they can come."
"What did she say?" He puts down his piece of bread.
"She told me to remember that I'm strong and I don't have to be scared because she's always with me." I confess.

"On a different subject," a playful smile comes to his face. "Do you really think  handsome? You said so in your memory."
Damn I forgot about that. "I was twelve!" I joke. "But maybe a little."
"And maybe you're a little beautiful." He mocks. A flush comes to my face and I look away so he doesn't see me blush. "I already saw it." He tells my truthfully.
"Don't get used to it!" I snap.
"It's kinda cute." He teases.

I reach down and grab an apple. "I know." I miss you mom, I wish you could be here right now. To tell me what to do, to show me how to be like you, to be able to answer my questions. But I know you need to be free.
"I don't need to be free, you do." I look up and find her purple spirit next to me.
"You're thinking of her again aren't you." Peter asks.
"Yea, I miss her." I smile at her.
"My Little Canary," she reaches over and hovers her hand by the side of my face. "He's coming. He wants you to fall for him not Peter. You need to know your choice and follow your heart."
"I know," I stop for a minute. "If I step you'll follow and if you leap I'll tumble for you."
"If I walk you'll run and if you sing I'll hum for you." She smiles. It was a pledge we would say every time something went wrong. She stands up. "Follow me."

I stand up and follow her to a small place outside of the camp. "Remember our song?" She asks.
"Secrets by One Republic." I answer.
"Would you?" She pleads.
"For you, I'll do anything." I small flutter of hope falls into my stomach.

"Tell me what you want to hear," I start to sing. "Something that will light those ears, sick of all the insincere, I'm gonna give all my secretes away, this time, don't need another perfect lie, don't care if critics ever jump in line, I'm gonna give all my secrets away."

"It been too long since you've song my child," she tells me. "Too long for you've song for you!"
"I know but without you being here and no one is there to care of listen," I take a deep breath. "What's the point?"
"That no one needs to listen, you need to love what you are doing! You are the one who needs to listen and be who you truly are, like you were before it all happened." Her words are calm and fearless.
"I promise I will be who I am again. I don't need to be told how to be or who to be like." I sit up straight. "I am the fearless girl who you raised and loved."
"Love, I will never stop loving you." She leans in and try's to kiss my forehead.
"You'll come back for me right?" I ask. "You'll never forget me?"
"Never! I'll only get more proud." Then she disappears.

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