Chapter II: Independence Day

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Cordelia POV:

It's been a year since I first officially met Diana and became her protege. We worked on my overall combat, like Hand to Hand, weaponry,and stuff like how to block stuff with the wrist guards.  

I had a special schedule. Now, I'm being homeschooled instead of going to school with other kids. During weekdays, I stay at the new apartment Mum bought  and trained in the afternoon and evening in Diana's secret basement. On weekends, Diana sends me to Poseidonis to train with King Orin on my control on the water. That's right, people. I also train with Aquaman.

As I am Poseidon's daughter, my natural biological composition is different. Aside from being half-god, I am also part-Atlantean. I have the perks like thicker skin like them. However, I don't have gills. Thank gods. Anyway, on weekends I train in Poseidonis with either King Orin or Queen Mera on my powers. They also teach me everything a royal needs to know because as Orin once said: "You are the daughter of Poseidon, therefore you are the Princess of the Seas."

I couldn't really argue with that. All those training paid off, though. It certainly helped when I sneaked off with Annabeth and my cyclops sibling, Tyson, to save Grover and help the quest. Grover went out to search Pan and it's been a year since we saw each other.

I hurried towards Diana's secret basement and changed into my costume. And waited for her to arrived.

(Just imagine her wearing a sheath for Riptide

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(Just imagine her wearing a sheath for Riptide. And her hair is much curlier than this.)

"I see you're excited."

I whipped my head towards the voice and grinned. "Diana!" I ran up and hugged her tight. "Come on! Today's the day! I don't wanna be late!"


"Hey, Diana. If the HQ is in space, why do we have to go to the Hall?"

She was carrying me as she flew because the Hall was a long way from New York and I couldn't run that far. She glanced down at me and replied.

"The Hall has a secret zeta-beam where we zeta to the Watch Tower without being suspicious."

"Oh, okay."

Diana and I were partners. She treated me like an equal and was open to me about everything. In turn, I was the same. I told her, along with Annabeth, about anything. The sudden chills I felt, the weird feeling of my skin (that was when the Mist started to stop suppressing my Atlantean heritage), and most of all, my dreams.

Once the Hall came into view, Wonder Woman dropped me and I used the water molecules in the air to cushion the fall. Diana gently landed next to me and I looked around.

"Are we late? I don't think we're late."

"No, I think you just came early. Surprising, considering it's you we're talking about."

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