Chapter Seven» Her Silence

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A heavy silence fell on us. Filling each corner. The air seemed to thicken around us. As my gaze remained unto the floor. Not trusting myself to raise it. The fear of my traitorous tears exposing.

It was as though, all air had been knocked out of me. Weakening me. As Nazeen sweet voice rang across the  room. Utter deceive reeking from them.

" Ammar, my darling. Don't get your hair in a twist. I was merely telling your bride here. That all girls separate from their families at some point. There's no need for tears. This is her home now" she spoke. Turning towards me. Her sickly sweet smile radiating off her. As the left of her eyebrow arched, in a challenging manner.

Forcing a tight smile. I nodded, my gaze briefly landing on him. Seeing disappointment flash through his face.

Helen, who had once  been in the room left. As Nazeen stalked forward, cupping his cheeks. Her tall figure, from the heels reaching his forehead.  Spoke,  her tone soft. Like no iota of negative consumed her.

" Be ready  Ammar. We need to take many photos and have a great time.  It's not everyday you get married, now is it? " she asked. Her tone piercing, making me stiffen. My throat tightening.

Cold shivers ran down my body. Like an ice bucket had been splurged down upon me. Freezing my bones. Scrunching my insides. My very sight blurred, as I turned around. Walking towards the bathroom.

The bedroom door could be heard closing. As the shaky of my hands, pushed the door behind me. Closing it with a thud. Large tears fell on to my skin. Making the small of my form shaky.

Inhaling sharply. I glanced at the mirror. Seeing my eyes bloodshot, and my cheeks flushed.
Quickly reaching forward. I brushed them away, as the black of my eyeliner smudged to the side.

Groaning inwardly. I Looked around the bathroom. My eyes lauding on the empty tissue roll.

Talk about bad luck. I thought  opening the bathroom door. A wave of emotions flooded through me. As my gaze  landed on Ammar. Seeing his large figure sitting down on the bed. His arms leaning on his thighs, supporting his hold on his hair. The long of his fingers  tangled in to his raven strands.

As if sensing my gaze. His eyes snapped towards me. Causing me to still in my position. My breathing labouring. I could see him stand up. His tall figure approaching me.

The once black suit he wore earlier. Was now exchanged for a creamy white one. His steps were confident, as he stalked towards me. Making my figure hit against the cold wall. Inching away.

Unsure of his moves. I could see him lean in, his face inches away from mine. Hundreds of emotions consumed me. Weakening me, causing the large of my eyes. To close tightly. Blocking the scene before me.

A warm fabric touched against my skin. Dangerously close to my eyes. As it slowly moved further, nearing my nose. The warm of his fingers felt insoluble against my cold skin. As he spoke. His voice thick with emotions.

" Why did you lie Aazeen?" he mumbled. Causing my eyes to shoot open and widen. Cold waves flooded through me, as his face remained inches away from mine. Waiting for me to say something. Anything.

Inhaling sharply. My gaze landed on his face. Seeing it tighten, emotions flooding through them. As his thumb brushed against my skin. Wiping away the wetness  from the tears.

Turning my face away from him. I could feel the man beside me tense, his hand moving away. Brushing past him, I pulled my scarf across my head. Feeling a sense of security  wash over me.

" It doesn't matter. It's okay" I said slowly, turning towards him. Seeing the sharp of his jaw tighten. His eyes stormy, painting charcoal.

Fury Washed over him. As he stepped forward. Opening his mouth to speak when another voice beat him to it. Silencing his words.

" Ammar, Aazeen. Aren't you coming. The cameraman is asking for you" Gul Jaan happy voice came from the doorway. Making me look up and smile at the woman.

" Yes Mother, we are" Ammar spoke. His tone hard, as he brushed past me. Storming out of the room.
Glancing at Gul Jaan. I could see her stare at her son in anger. Confusion at his sudden behaviour  boggling her.

" Come Aazeen. " she said softly. Leading me out of the room. Her hands on my shoulders as she led me towards the large hall downstairs. Filled with excited chattering and music.

It was undeniable, that by the time I reached my room. I was shattered. My body craved sleep yet my heart remained ignorant.

Pulling my legs against my chest. Nazeen words rang loudly in my ears. Causing a metallic like taste at the back of my throat.

It's true what they say. As the night approaches the demons come out to play. I mentally whispered. Feeling tears run down my cheeks. Hundreds of thoughts ran through my mind, as the shaky of my hands pulled my phone. Hearing the familiar voice speak.

Hello, you've reached Yaseen. I'm sorry I'm unavailable, I'll either be sleeping or hiding from my crazy wife.

The soft voice speak. Sending shivers down my spine. As I closed my eyes tightly. Feeling my body shake. Gripping tightly on to it.

My head pressed against the soft pillows. Warms tears trailing down my skin. Making me bite against my lip. Holding back the sob. The opening of the door,had my breathing halting.

Pulling tightly against the blanket. I covered  my form. Feeling the bed dip.
My insides turned as Yaseen's voice played in my ears again and again like a soft mantra.

I wanted to scream. Shout. Yell. Do anything that could wake me from this nightmare. Yet, it didn't.

Sleep slowly embraced me. Allowing my body to relax, as the familiar face of Yaseen played before me.

He was smiling. Dressed in white. His hair was disheveled and a soft look plastered his face. " You looked beautiful" he spoke. His eyes twinkling. The familiar mischief evident in them.

I could feel him lean in. His soft lips pressing against my forehead. As his  hushed voice echoed in my ears. Making me smile.

" Night Aazeen" he whispered. The warm of his fingers brushing against my forehead. Making me lean in. My voice in a slight mumble. Yet, little did I know. It wasn't Yaseen.

" Night Yaseen. I love you"

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