The Underestimated [boyxboy]

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He stands there with a blank expression on for he knew today was the day, the day he went insane. He looked off to the distance with both earbuds in his ears, blaring his music so people 5 feet away can hear it, but mostly so he can't hear the people. Everyone rushed down the hallway as he just stood there, emotionless, staring at the wall. He was wearing a dark navy blue shirt that fit his tall figure well, some dark blue semi-skinny jeans, and black and white converse. His sleeves were pulled up above his elbows and he had a white surfer neckalace. His skin was pale and soft, contrasting with his black, long hair and deep blue eyes that looked like a snakes skin. His lips were thin and red, and his white earphones lay on his ears. He was skinny, had long skater hair, typical "emo" guy, with a black nose ring in his nose. He was very kind to people but they always thought of him as a freak so nobody talked to him. He was gay, the whole school knew, and only few accepted him but still didnt talk to him. People laughed and spit names at him, even when they saw the scars on his wrist. You would figure people would fuck with a depressed emo boy, just for his sake, and theirs. But unfortunetly they do and he learns to ignore it and move on, blaring his music to block out the others. He moved slowly but efficiently to a table in the cafeteria, where he sat in the far corner. He would occasionally catch a few people staring and a few laughs at him but thats only another scar right? People don't ever understand how badly they could hurt people, then how badly he could hurt them back. Then, minding his own buisness, he was struck with a piece of pink eraser the size of a dime from 15 feet away at another table. He didn't move. Another came soaring and struck him once again. He sat there motionless, listening to music, ignoring the assholes. Then, a flock of assholes got frustrated with no response and migrated his way. They came to a hault no more than 2 feet away. He pretended they weren't there and pulled out a purple notebook and a half use #2 pencil. He flipped open the notebook and started writing. His hand moving at a fast pace and yet his handwrighting was in tact. The flock of assholes were wearing nike pants and dirty sports shoes. They had on muscle shirt and had their hair gelled in place. The leader of them was the one who threw it. The leader looked down to see him writing and had a confused look appearing on his face. The leader decided he wasn't getting enough attention so he pulled the purple notebook out and threw it behind him, ripping out pages as he threw it, and grabbed the pencil to break i in two. The depressed kid looks up, then back down, then grabs his stuff and tries to walk away. The assholes held him to a stop as he tried pushing through the. He was a freshman this year only 3 months into the year, but the assholes were also freshman in highschool. The boys pale exterior turned red as he threw his backpack on one shoulder and made his way through. He bent over and picked up his purple notebook with the ripped pages and made his way out. As he walked away he heard the leader shout,


Then the flock followed in name calling. After that, the whole cafeteria minus 3 or so people joined in on the mockery. The boy made his way fast through the hallways and to the bathroom. Then when he entered, one boy stood there at the urinals. The boy walked into the stall and sat down. He didn't cry but he sat there, thinking, intensly. He heard the other boy in there flush, wash his hands, and walk out. He sat in the stall for a solid 6 minutes, just thinking. Then he heard someone enter the bathroom. The boy stood up to leave but when he walked out of the stall, the other boy saw him.

"Oh god no. Get out fag. don't stare at me!" He shouted with intensity.

"Oh like I really wanted to watch you piss," the angered boy said back with hate in his voice.

"I don't know what your twisted homo mind wants. I bet your getting a boner just talking to me," The boy in the urinal mocked as he pretended to gag like he was about to throw up.

The boy just walked out with his music playing, not as loud now, but still playing. He approached his blue locker and opened it. He was very organized, so he placed his backpack in the locker and waited. He had only 6 minutes left until the bell rings and lets out class again, so the hallways filled up. For it was his time to shine, his time for everyone to notice him, and fear for their lives. He unzipped his backpack still in his locker and waited. as the bell rang, the hallways filled up with students, all talking and stopping at their lockers. He pulled the earbuds out of his ear and put them in his bag. Then he grabbed a whistle from his backpack and turned around. He looked around, then blew it with all his might. Immidietly after, he screamed,


Then he grabbed a remote and clicked it, locking all doors in the school from the outside in. He reached in his backpack as everyone just stood there and questioned him. He grabbed a creepy mask that was white with a huge smile on it, but had his own hair. The teeth on the mask were nasty and yellow, and very crooked. He out it on and reached in his backpack again. He pulled out a 6 inch knife and closed his locker. People saw it and screamed. Then he continued with,


Everyone was screaming and running towards the door and realized they cant open them. Some tough guy tried kicking through them but for school safety purposes he couldnt. About 5 people stood there in shock and 1 fainted to the floor. The hallways filled up again as they all ran. He stood there, counting. Like it was a game of hide and seek.

"20, 21, 22, 23," he said with an unknown emotion because of the mask.

His name was Shaun and he was I.

Some tough guy approached me thinking I was joking as people peaked out from behind the corners. I stood there, not moving as he creeped slowly to me. I didn't move, I didn't breath, I didn't blink, even though he couldnt see my eyes. he was about 5 feet away moving an inch closer ever 10 seconds now. He reached for my smiling mask and pulled it off, revealing my real emotion. I stood there with blank eyes and my knife held at my side. I had a straight face on and I could see him breathing heavily. He then turned around to show people that i was doing no harm. Everyone started appearing, cluttering the hallways. I decided that since hes turned around holding my mask, it was his time.

"50," I shouted.

I, in the blink of an eye, pulled my knife in front of him cutting his throat as he callapsed to the ground. I grabbed my mask as it was all bloody now. I looked up and everyone was screaming and running to their corners again. Mostly girls, and their obnoxious screams. I looked at a few people specifically and giggled. They screamed and ran down the hallways. I looked down, now that the halls were completely empty, at the guy I just killed, with pride inside. I knelt down to him, since he was pretty damn hot, and unzipped his pants, revealing an average penis. I then felt up his abs and gave him a passionate kiss. Oh how I liked that. I turned his lifeless body around and felt his ass. Then back on his back to see the front of him. I decided I wanted a souvenir, so I cut off his penis and put it in my locker. I loved the feeling of blood seeping through my fingers. Then I thought to myself, if I enjoyed that, how would I enjoy the hottest guys in school? Now, how would I enjoy them alive? I reached in my backpack and grabbed some rope and handcuffs. This is going to be fun, I can feel it.

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