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A pink hedgehog woke up to the sound of her alarm. She banged on it several times trying to stop it but no avail. She grunted and got up to turn it off. The pink hedgehog had quills that went 3 inches past her shoulders and jade green eyes. this hedgehog was no other than Amy Rose. She was getting up for her new school in emerald high. She looked at her room full of boxes, she still hasn't un-packed her stuff. She slumped to the kitchen to find her mom Julia cooking breakfast.

"Hey I see your awake..." Julia stated. she was a white hedgehog with long wavy quills that moved freely. She also had hazel eyes to top off the look.

"Morning mom." Amy grumbled still half asleep.

"First day of 11th grade!" Julia stated excitedly.

"Yay..." she muttered sarcastically.

"Oh come on its just school."

"Yeah a new school!" Amy paused for a moment, "you know how hard it is to meet new people at my age? It's 11th grade everyone has already established their cliques and groups. And where do I stand? The new girl. I hate that title."

"It's not going to be different from the other schools you went to." she said handing a plate full of food to Amy.

"Oh you underestimate high school. We have already moved 5 times. I don't think a 6th was necessary." Amy growled with a mouthful of food.

"Well its hard keeping a well paid job! i promise, this will be the last time we move."

Amy didn't answer for a while. Too focused on the other horrid scenarios that were playing in her head. She didn't want to disappoint her mom. Never.

"I'll try to get used to station square.."

"Good. I'm glad you could own up to it." Julia kissed the top of Amy's head and smiled to herself, "Now finish your eggs."

Amy sat down and slowly ate her eggs. She was getting nervous about this school. Amy finished her eggs and took shower. After her shower she changed into black leggings, and a red sweater. She studied herself in the mirror.

It's always hard moving to a new place. You had high expectations for you in different places. You have to familiarize yourself with whole new things so quickly.

It's not something that you can always handle.

"You ready for school yet?" Julia called from the kitchen.

"Almost!!" Amy yelled back. She dried her quills and tugged at the hem of her shirt. Her bangs spiked out at the front of her head. to add to it she put on a red head band and took her backpack as she ran down stairs.

"Oh now don't you look school official." Julia smiled sincerely as Amy descended down the stairwell.

"Thanks mom" Amy grunted as she put on her pink flats and walked to the door, "Bye mom!"

"Bye, have a nice day at school!" Amy ran out of the house and walked to the bus stop. She already saw kids there. A cream colored rabbit and a lavender cat.

'Hello. You must be the new girl to our neighborhood! I am Cream and this is Blaze!" The rabbit greeted.

"Hello cream, blaze, I am Amy. Amy Rose" Amy greeted back.

- Amy -

As the bus came around the corner I couldn't help but let out a little yelp. It was scary. New school, new people. When it is in the middle of a school year it's kind of hard to assume how it's going to turn out.

I decided to make the best of it.

The bus came to a screeching halt and Cream, Blaze and I all got on. I could see eyes staring at me from around the bus.

I don't know if I had ever said this before but, I hate being the new girl.

I decided since Cream occupied herself with someone else, that I would sit with Blaze.

Blaze was nice, so far. She had a strikingly beautiful complexion and I assume that she must have guys and girls going crazy over her.

It was silent but blaze spoke up, "So why did you have to move in the first place?"

"Well my mom isnt necessarily good at keeping jobs." I muttered and smirked to myself.

"Oh I-" she was interupted by a voice.

"Hey are you new here?" a blue hedgehog said in a sly tone.

"Yeah..." I said shyly.

"Well my name is Sonic. And you are?" he asked.

"The names' Amy. Pleasure to meet you Sonic." I stated but a red Echidna interrupted the conversation.

"Yeah not really a pleasure when you get to know him." chuckled the red Echidna.

"Oh shut it Knuckles!" Sonic growled, "Just ignore him, he is a brat..."

"I heard that!" knuckles shouted, I giggled.

'This might not be bad...' I thought. I turned back to Blaze to talk to her but she already had her headphones in blasting music.

I sighed and faced forward the rest of the way to school.

The bus unloaded and Blaze, Cream and I met up at a flagpole.

"Oh we have to get to our 0 period." Blaze reminded Cream and Cream gasped slightly.

"What extra class?" I asked.

"Photography...its and extracurricular." Cream stated.

"Oh well who will show me to my first class?" I asked worriedly

"I will..." I heard a voice from behind me and I screamed.

"Easily to scare huh." I turned around to see Sonic.

"Don't do that again! that scared the hell out of me!" I yelled at him, and he chuckled.

"We'll see you around Amy!" Cream and Blaze ran off determined not to be late.

"Bye!!" I waved. I turned back to Sonic, "What now?"

"I can show you around the school." he suggested.

I nodded, "Sure!"

He took me around the school. A lot of people were whispering and giggling at us. Not sure why.

A brown chipmunk came up to us with a scowl likely towards me.

She seemed very pissed with the way her lips were curled in a scowl and eyes like daggers. She ripped up her leggings and tied up her shirt to exopse her lower belly.

"Who are you?" she hissed and I sighed internally. She was one of 'those' girls.

"Well thats a nice way to greet someone..." I said rolling my eyes, getting very annoyed at her too fast.

"Sally this is-" Sonic was interrupted by her.

"Well I dont care who you are get away from my man!" she pushed me out of the way and clinged onto Sonic, then something made me burst with anger once she did that. I gritted my teeth in anger.

She thinks just because I am girl I will date this guy? No way. I'm not getting into assumptions like that.

Sonic pried Sally off of himself and whispered something in her ear. She giggled in reply and turned back to me.
"Just don't do anything stupid with him! Bye Sonic!" she strutted off in the other direction.

I tried to stifle back a laugh at how ignorant she was being but it seemed rude to actually laugh at that. If Sonic was dating her I should have the decency not to say shit about her.

"So you and Sally...?"

"Me? And Sally? You are funny, but no. People always assume that. It gets annoying."

We started walking again, "Mmm, seems like a pain. Sorry about the misjudgment."

"No worries." He gave me a soft smile, "you can slide."

I really like this guy...

~~~~Authors note~~~~~

this story was inspired by my BFFLETTVE madcatlove12 and the band: A Day To Remember. I decided to start a new story...if you guys like it i will post more chapters...i will post chapters 2 and 3 tonight because i was working on them over vacation. tell me if you want more chapters!!!


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