touch it

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i shouldn't have looked at him.

but i can't.

he's beautiful.


"you're mine, james."

his whispers.

his hot breaths touching my neck.

"yes, michael, i'm yours..."

i felt every single tingle he gave me with every thrust.

with every mind blowing kiss.

with every squeeze in my chest.

i go into a zone. a zone that no one can go but me.

i'm straight but why i am feeling this urge to get fucked by him?


i am asking myself that question since the time get pushed me in his office walls. and kissed me.

15 minutes ago, actually.

now, i'm laying flat on his table, naked.

his enourmously big dick inside me, thrusting in and out of my body.

"james..." he moan.

"michael... keep going." i commanded.

he keep his thrust faster. and faster. until i roll my eyes on the back of my head. until i involuntarily arch my back. until the pain in me is replaced my a mind blowing pleasure.

michael fassbender everybody.

"i'm coming, mike." i moan.

he suddenly stopped thrustin on me.

he pulled his member out of me and looked at me.

"you're beautiful, james."

i blushed.

he lean forward starts trailing kisses on my stomach.

slowly moving downward.


his tongue sliding down my v-line.

take me.

the excitement and anticipation is killing me.

"do it."

"no james, not yet."

after almost forever in kissing ang licking my lower torso, he held my throbbing dick and pump it slowly.

i moan.


"james, you're huge. i love it."

he starts trailing the lines on my dick using his tongue. and it makes me go harder.

he's so good.

he's so experienced.

"michael, do it already."

"is little james excited to get sucked."

i nod.

and he suddenly sucked me.


slurping and licking every inch of my member.

he bobbed up and down. and i moan loader. i bit my lip.

"fuck..." i cursed.

"language, james."

he continue to suck the hell out of me. until i cum in his face. he licked every single drop of my essence and swallow it all.

it's sexy, i think.

he repositioned himself between my legs and starts thrusting in me again.

he pound me.

he pushed all buttons inside of me.

he make me moan.


louder that every neighbor can hear.

but i couldn't care less.

"you're mine james, only mine."

i'm getting too attached to him. i know, it's wrong.

but i love it.

he touched me like no other.

and nobody gonna touch me like he do.



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