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The tall brown haired girl was trying not to draw attention to herself. It was obvious. From her walk, to her posture. You think as a Holmes she would be better at hiding it, but no such luck.

Her name was Aylanara Holmes, the middle child of the British family. She was wanted (dead or alive) by the American government. Which is why she had escaped to Britian.

Having left the aiport, she was walking down the busy London streets to the apartment she had been told about. If anyone could help her, it was him.

She quickly ran up to the front steps and used her key to open the door. Slipping inside, she ran up the stairs. She knocked on the door seperating the landing from the living room. The door was opened by an annoyed looking man, dressed in a long flowing coat and scarf. His jaw dropped when he saw Aylanara.
"Ayla?" He asked.
"Brother dearest," she said, "Long time, no see,"

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