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"i told you! i told you! who's an evil genuis? i am!" meghan bragged over the phone. i have to give it to her, her plan did work. midway through her boasting session, my phone vibrated and a notification appeared.

hayes: breakfast?

my immediate reaction was, "hayes asked me to go to breakfast! should i go?!"

after last night, i didn't know what to think. were we a thing or was it just a moment? maybe we were just in the moment... i shouldn't overthink this.

"are you seriously asking me this? of course! i did not do all that hardwork for nothing! & for all means if you say no, i will hate you forever."

"i thought you already hate me." i laughed.

"well i'll hate you more than i use to."

"meghan, you like me! you don't hate me anymore! oh my gosh, have you been baptismed or something?"

"shut up! i have to go. you better say yes! chai!"


i opened his message.

maya: yes :)

hayes: great, pick you up in 10

10 minutes?! i need at least 30. i rushed out of bed and did my morning routine in under 8 minutes. i threw on a pair of pink joggers and a white hoodie. it's only breakfast, nothing too nice i'm assuming. seconds later, the doorbell rung.

my mother's preppy voice traveled from downstairs, "hayes grier is that you!"

oh no...

i sped downstairs and saw my mom harassing hayes. "good moring ms. mckay." he smiles charmingly. "haven't seen you here in awhile." she says as she gestures him in.

hayes's hair was messy & you can tell he didn't put in much effort as i. "maya." he sighed happily as he laid eyes on me. red crept my cheeks as my eyes pasted the floor.

"goodmorning hayes." i managed out. for some reason, a nervous wave went through me as my heart raced. i knew my mind was playing tricks on me, making me a nervous wreck.

"ms. mckay, i was wondering if it would be alright if i take your amazing daughter to breakfast."

there goes the blushing one more time.

my mom nodded, "of course. just take care of my precious baby." she squeezed my cheek like a granny would do. "have fun!" she flounce away upstairs and into her bedroom.

hayes paced over to me, extending his hand. maybe we were a unconfirmed thing but i refuse to get ahead of myself. my brown eyes peered into his blue ones. his pupils twinkled as his pearly whites glistened down at me. stop overthinking the situation and roll with it maya. i sighed a smile and intertwined my fingers with his. "this is what i wanted & i've been wanting this for the longest time." he seems to be thinking out loud & honestly i couldn't agree less. embarrassment coated his cream cheeks as he nervously brushed his fingers through his ruffled hair. i squeezed his hand, reassuring him the same thing without speaking.

our breakfast contained hot chocolate, syrup, and piles of pancakes. ihop was the place. we sat in front of each other which made me slightly uncomfortable when eating. trying my best not to adore his beautiful face and restraining myself from self-embarrassment was the goal here. let's just say, i'm a careless eater and starer. the place was practically empty for a saturday morning, only one to two families were there. overall, it was the perfect place to go since it gave us a low chance of bumping into someone we know. the setting of this breakfast "date" was prefect but the communication between one another was dull. we both were at a search for words but came up dry.

"so..." hayes murmurs as he picks at his flapjacks.

"so..." i mocked in the same tone of boredom.

something was eating our curiosity to the point we both spat, "okay, about last night!"

he went first, "last night was pretty...sentimental.". blue eyes dawning on me seriously.

"yeah, sorry for my total hormone moment." my nails scratched the back of my neck silently embarrassed.

a chuckle slipped from his thin lips. "it's okay. i understand. i am a jerk and you had all the right to feel the way you did."

hayes was surprisingly a understanding boy and you don't find that too often. a lot of guys don't comprehend girl logic in the slightest way but hayes seems to. for some odd reason, a jittery motion surged in my stomach as he continued to go on. "i really do apologize for what i did to you but in the end i did it because i want you. i really do. maya, you're the most attractive being i have ever laid eyes on as cheesy as it sounds..." he giggled at himself.

it did sound pretty cheesy.

his hand laid gently on mine as he spoke again, "i'm an idiot & i'm only an idiot because of the way you make me feel. i never really done this before with a girl when i think about but something tells me that you are the girl for me."

in the end, i was the idiot for believing what he said was true.

- end of chapter -

hey guys, hope you all had a merry Christmas! 💚 || slow updates will occur for this book because of school and everything plus i will be starting a few more books and try to update them all to the best i can :) . || this book will get a little bit more exciting as i go off this cheesy path (i didn't like how cheesy the romance was starting to be). other than that, have an amazing winter break/day & be on a look out for my new hayes book that i'll be starting. love you all so much & do me a favor and leave feedback on my book! thanks for your support loves!

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