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Pen Your Pride


Tour. With Black Veil Brides. Holy shit. I can't believe this is actually happening to me because for one, people always told me nothing good would ever come my way. My father for example. He actually told me once that I would never amount to anything so I might as well kill myself. But you know what? Screw him because Andy Biersack is sitting next to me in a taxi. Take that!

"So, like, could I meet other bands on tour?" I asked excitedly. I was finally opeing up to him and he had a beautiful grin on his face.

"Of course. BOTDF, Falling In Reverse and Asking Alexandria will be at our next concert. In a few weeks we'll be with Escape The Fate." He said and I squealed with happiness. I was going to meet Dahvie Vanity! Ronnie Radke! Danny Worsnop! I was going to die of happiness soon. I felt like I would burst at any moment and this dream would end. I would wake up to the nightmare that was my life.

"I don't know." I said all of a sudden. Sadness flooded through me and reality sunk in. I couldn't just run away from my home. My life. I knew that if I left my father would be pissed and call the cops. Andy frowned and turned toward me in the seat.

"What do you mean?" I could hear the sadness in his voice to. I knew he wanted me to go on tour with him but I couldn't just leave.

"My father...he would never allow it. I'm sure Danny can still go with you guys though." I whispered, a tear dripped down my face. I really wanted to go.

"Look, we can talk to him about it. I'm sure he'd be fine with it." Andy said cheering up some. If only he knew my father. Danny did and she would know why I couldn't leave. She was the only one who knew. I leaned forward in the seat so the driver could here me.

"Make a left up here and I'm the first house on the right." I said and the man nodded. Andy smiled at me and when the cab stopped he threw money at the driver and grabbed my hand, pulling me out of the car with him. He held my hand all the way up to the door and I took a deep breath. I opened the door just in time to see my dad walking into the living room with an open beer in one hand and a skank on his hip.

Andy's POV

We opened the door and saw what I guessed to be A's dad with a woman beside him. Definitely not A's mom. I stepped into the house still hand in hand with A and her father looked right at our intertwined fingers.

"Ah look. The whore's home." He laughed and the woman sneered. A cringed beside me and I decided to speak.

"Hello sir. My name is Andy Biersack. I'm a friend of A's and we would like to talk to you." I said with courage. What would happen in the next few minutes was beyond me.

"Biersack, wow. That's so manly. And who says I wanna talk to you?" He asked me while taking swigs of his beer. All of a sudden he got an angry look on his face and threw the bottle at the floor, just missing my feet. "You little skank. You got pregnant didn't you?!" He screamed and pulled A away from my grasp. He smack her across the face so hard she slammed into the wall. I took a step forward and caught A before she hit the floor. She looked unconscious but she was still breathing ok.

I looked up at the man who was supposed to be A's father. The woman had made her way to the living room and was now lounging on the couch watching the show while drinking wine. "How the hell could you do that to A? She's your daughter!" I shouted and he shook his head.

"If you want the bitch, just take her. I could really care less if she's pregnant or ends up dead. Now get out of my house and off my property." He growled and walked over to the couch before falling onto it carelessly. I picked up A in my arms wedding style and walked out the still open door. It was to risky to grab any of her things so I would have to go out and buy her new stuff. But it was definitely worth it if I could save Adair from Hell.

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