part of a truth

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I went downstairs and saw Ryan and everybody was there.

Cassi came closer to me and said, "what is going on?"

"I don't know, Cassi," I said.

"I wanted everybody to be here, including Scar. Yumi will come to the room after a while," Ryan said. "Cassi, can you please take Hikari with you and go to your room? I don't want this talk to affect Hikari's life."

Cassi seamed confuse but she took Hikari and got out of the room.

"Ryan, what are you planning?" I asked.

Ryan smirked and then said, "you have to wait to understand what is going on, Alexa."

Yumi came in the room and said, "Ryan, you told me to come to this room. Why?"

"Yumi, you know, that was our last shoot and I am thinking baout going back to UK and we can start working over there. I wanted to throw a party for out successful photoshots in Venice and I thank you for doing such a wonderful job," Ryan said.

Yumi smiled.

"But for the party, I do have some guest. Mr. Bush,can you come in the room?" Ryan said as a man came in the room.

Scar quickly ran to Mr. Bush and hugged him. "Mr. Bush!"

"Hi bud, I was really worried when I noticed that you were kidnapped," Mr. Bush said.

I looked at Yumi in confusion. Scar was kidnapped?

"Scar, who kidnapped you?" Ryan asked.

"Nobody kidnapped me. Mommy took me with her when I was going to a park to play with friends. Mommy said that if I go with her then she will show me my daddy," Scar said.

"But Scar, who are you calling mommy?" Mr. Bush said. "Yumi is not your mommy. In fact we don't even know who she is."

"Ryan, what is going on?" I was confused.

"Love, calm down. You are going to understand it soon," Ryan said. "So, Mr. Bush. Can you please tell us about Scar's parents?"

"Scar's parents are in South America and his parents gave me Scar to adopt since Scar was a baby. But this woman is not Scar's mom. Scar always want a mom and dad but I know Scar's mom and dad. This woman fooled Scar to make him believe that Scar is her son and kidnapped Scar," Mr. Bush said.

"That means Scar is not Yumi's son after all?" I asked, feeling a bit relived. Atleast I know that Scar is not Ryan's son.

"Mr. Bush is lying!" Yumi said.

"Relax Yumi. You need to know something else too," Ryan said. "Alexa do you remeber what Yumi told you? She said that she and I had a relationship and that we even have a night spend with eachother."

I didn't wanted Ryan to know about what Yumi meant for Ryan. I didn't wanted Ryan to be hers but I wanted to know that did something really happened between Yumi and Ryan?

"Remeber Alexa, Yumi said that I was drunk and that we send a night together and Scar is our son?" Ryan asked.

I was holding my tears. By hearing Ryan saying that Ryan and Yumi had sex was breaking my heart.

"Well, Yumi, are you sure that we really had sex?" Ryan asked.

Tears were rolling down my eyes.

Yumi looked at Ryan and hesitated and nodded. "Of course, Ryan. We made love . . ."

"SHUT UP, YUMI!" Ryan yelled.

I was confused. "Ryan?"

"Yumi that day, I was only acting as if I am drunk. I was playing truth and dare and my dare was to act like drunk. After the party I was continued to act drunk and you drove me to your house. I refused to go to your house and left your lipstick mark on my shirt. Nothing happened between us and you thought that I don't remeber anything so you made up a whole story and me and you having a relationship and you got pregnant and had Scar. This is all a lie, Yumi!" Ryan yelled.

"A lie?" I asked as I was happy. Nothing really happened between Ryan and Yumi. "But Ryan, why would Yumi lied?"

"Why don't you ask Yumi?" Ryan told me.

I looked at Yumi and she seamed angry please. Why would she try to destroy me and Ryan's relationship? Why?

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