Memories part 2

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"Bre..." I called, walking into her room.

I walked in and she was holding the TV remote, looking at it curiously. I held in my laugh as I realized she was trying to figure out how to use it. I went up to her and pressed the red power button, making the TV turn on. She jumped, startled, but then giggled at the yellow sponge on the screen.

"What's this supposed to be?" she asked, fascinated.

"Spongebob." I stated.

Landon on her bed and I followed his example, sitting on the other side. He placed the box on the bed and opened it up, revealing all the pictures. She gasped and picked out a couple. I felt my eyes go wide as I saw the one she uncovered. I grabbed it when Aubrey wasn't looking and Landon made and Landon made an apologetic face. I shrugged and looked at the picture more closely. It was of me and Bre, kissing. We were sitting on the porch swing that was out in the backyard. She was wearing another one of her sundresses and I had my arm around her...

"Justin, are all these pictures of me and my friends?" she asked.

I looked up and nodded.

"These are more than just pictures though. They're memories..." I trailed off, staring at the one she had in her hand.

It was of Chaz, Ryan, Jessie, her and me. We were on vacation in the Bahama's.

"Oh my god, I love this place!" Aubrey yelled, her smile lighting up the island.

"I do too, but you being here makes it even more amazing." I said, hugging her from behind and kissing her cheek.

She turned her head, smirking, and kissed my lips.

"I feel so out of it." Ryan whined, walking out of the rover behind Chaz and Jessie holding hands. "You guys make it even worse."

"How?" Aubrey scoffed, laughing.

"You've taken over my best friend. He's all lovey dovey now. And then Jessie took over Chaz." he complained.

"Sounds like you need to get laid." I laughed.

Bre elbowed me in the stomach and I cried out in pain.

"Be nice." she scolded, even though she was laughing.

"Well, Ryan. Since your so lonely, you can take a picture of us two lovely couples." Jessie smiled.

"Whatever." he sighed, rolling his eyes.

Aubrey stared at the pictures, trying to figure out some things. She pointed at me and her and she was probably trying to figure out why we were unusually close.

"Um... that's you and me and that's... Chaz and Jessie from the hospital?" she asked.

Good thing she didn't mention anything about our PDA. I nodded and she switched photos. I smiled at the next one. It was of me and her covered in whipped cream.

"Why are we making brownies, again?" Aubrey asked, stirring the chocolate in the bowl.

"Because I like spending quality time with my girl. And what perfect day it would be if I had brownies with my girl." I smirked, shaking the whooped cream can.

"Aw, you're too cute." she giggled, pinching my cheeks.

I rolled my eyes and sprayed some cream in my mouth. A hand pushed the can from aiming away from my mouth. I wiped the whipped cream from off of my face and looked over at Bre, who was laughing uncontrollably.

"Whoops?" she shrugged.

I took the can and sprayed it over her nose.

"It's on, Bieber." she exclaimed, dipping her hand in flour.

I think you know what happened then. Aubrey giggled slightly and turned the photograph towards me.

"Is that us?" she asked.

I nodded and she smiled, and went on to the next one. It was of her brother and her at her dad's funeral last year... I don't think I should tell that story. Her dad died of a drug overdose. It was kind of a touchy subject for her.

She frowned slightly at the picture.

"Where were we?" she asked.

"We were um... at our dad's funeral." Landon replied.

"Oh. Our dad died?"

He nodded and she frowned, clearly upset. She went to the next picture and sighed, exasperated.

"What's the point?I can't remember any of this stuff."

I looked down at the box of photographs and got an idea.

"Maybe you just need a break. How about we take a walk through town or something?We could also go to the park." I suggested.

She nodded and I got up, motioning for Landon to come with me. We walked out of Aubrey's room without another word and he scoffed, speed walking to his room.

"She's never gonna get her memory back. She can't remember anything and she's not gonna be able, too." he stated.

"Don't be like that man. There's an Aubrey in that fragile blonde somewhere. We just can't give up. I've a got a good idea. Just wait til we get to the park."

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