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Newt woke up bright and early with a smile delicately placed along his lips. He put on his dress shirt and trousers, not bothering to put his vest, coat, or tie on. He walked out of his suitcase and locked it behind himself. He looked around the house, seeing no signs of anyone else awake. Newt walked over to the girl's room, peeking into it. There (Name) lay, with her (Colored) hair along her face and a soft and faint smile on her lips. He slowly and quickly walked over to her, moving the strands that covered her face behind her ear.

He could not move his face away from her. He smiled softly and moved his hand back onto her check. A muggle, that's what she was. But, here and now, that did not have any importance to him. He hesitantly moved his hand away from her and walked out of the room and into the kitchen. Newt decided to make some Pancakes for himself and the girl, knowing that he would have to go out later to visit Tina. Hell, that had been the main point of the visit.

He grabbed two eggs and a bowl, along with the other needed ingredients before putting it all together and beginning to mix. He was close friends with Tina, and he did like her. He enjoyed his visits with her, with her jokes and kind ways. But, in someways, he did not want to visit her today. Newt wanted to stay and talk to (Name) more, to learn about her. He sighed and turned on the oven, grabbing a pan and pouring some of the mix into the object. He swirled it around to fill the bottom, and he then cooked it. He flipped it, and then he took it off the pan. This repeated a solid five more times, and then he had set down two plates on the table.

Newt set three pancakes on each dish before looking through the refrigerator, grabbing the bottle of syrup that sat in it. He set the bottle onto the table before he had made his way back to her room. He walked past a mirror before stopping. For the first time in years, he felt the urge to fix himself up. He back tracked a bit and turned to the mirror, fixing his messy locks a bit with his tongue sticking out as he looked up in the mirror.

He smiled to his reflection and walked to her room. Newt knocked softly on the frame of the door, only earning a groan from the sleeping girl. "(Name)? Made you breakfast." As he had said those words, a soft and faint blush slowly covered his cheeks. He could not believe what he had just said. The girl slowly opened her (Colored) eyes to meet Newt's blue ones. He smiled softly at her as he walked over to her bed, crouching next to the side.

"Coming?" He asked, in a tone almost as close as a whisper. (Name) yawned while she slowly sat up, stretching her arms in the air while Newt looked up at her. "I made breakfast." Newt repeated as he had swallowed nervously. A smile slowly spread on the girl's lips. Breakfast? She felt her heart flutter before she took the blankets off and got up, reaching a hand down to Newt. "Come on, then. Don't want it to get cold." She joked while waving her hand softly. He smiled and took her hand into his and she pulled him up.

She walked ahead into the kitchen, instantly freezing at the doorframe. (Name) seemed to be completely frozen while she looked at the food with such a warm smile, Newt thought he would melt. He pulled a chair out for her before sitting across of it, interlocking his hands in front of his chest. "Well? Come on." Newt said eagerly. The girl hesitantly walked over and sat down for the meal that Newt had so carefully made. She picked up her fork, glancing up at Newt as to ask if what she was doing was right. He nodded with a smile.

She cut off a piece with the side of the fork before eating it, a smile instantly growing onto her face while she smiled. "Thanks, Newt. This is the kindest thing you could've done for me." She said, locking her eyes with his.

And, just like that, Newt felt like he would have been weak to the knees if he was standing.

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