Chapter 6: Arriving at the Capitol

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We eat our dinner of steak and potatoes. There is also some kind of salad and for dessert we have 3 teared chocolate cake. I can tell that Brutus and Cato love the steak. I'm not too fond but I eat enough to fill me up. After dinner we all go to the lounge cart and watch the Reaping of the districts on tv. I sit right next to Cato leaning in his shoulder.

"You guys should check with 1 the boy from 4, maybe 11 and 12 for good allies". Enobaria says all of a sudden.

"We can look at their tactics for training tomorrow" I say returning my gaze to Cato.

After the Reapings are over the Capitol Anthem plays and we all go to bed.

I awake in the middle of the night to the worst dream. Cato and I were in the games. We were the final 2 but then all the other tributes came back and we had to fight them over and over and over. We would never be able to leave.

I sit on the edge of the bed and put my slippers on.

I walk as quietly as possible to Cato's room. I sneak into the covers. I fall asleep very quickly knowing he can protect me. It makes me feel weak that I need him to be comfortable but I let that thought go.

I wake up to Cato watching me sleep.

"When did you get here" he says trying not to seem completely fixed on me.

"I had a horrible dream that we would have to fight in the Games over and over and over again. I got up and slept with since about 1 a.m." I say.

He quickly squeezed me and gives me a kiss on the forehead.

"I would never let anything bad happen to you" he says calmingly "you're my-"

"Woah look at all that. We're in the capitol." he exclaims with pure joy.

"We should probably get dressed" I say "We don't need to look like slobs"

He agrees and we both see each other after we get dressed. I put on something simple because today is the Tribute Parade. I wear a blue tank top covered with my olive sweat-shirt and a pair of tight pants. I put on my favorite training boots. The ones my mother lent me and I never returned. We're going to get 'cleaned up' and get our new outfits.

I walk out of my room to see Cato in a tight blue shirt and jeans. The shirt hugs him in the right places and exposes his muscles perfectly

"Hello sweet heart" he says trying to sound like a Capitol citizen.

"How do you do?" I ask mimicking the tone in his voice.

"How do I do what" he replied.

I slip my knife into a homemade strap around my leg. We are escorted outside past screaming and cheering Capitol citizens.

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