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Mia's P.O.V

Me, Steph, Sydel, Seth, Sonya, Dell and Elizabeth made our way into the row that was closest to the ice. It was kind of chilly in here, so we either wore hoodies or coats for warmth.

I had on a black bubble coat, a pink hat, and scarf with gloves to match. I wore my black skinny jeans and my brown Uggs. My hair was out straight today.

Just an average girl, watching her eldest sibling play.

Oh, I'm also wearing Ryan's team jersey. It has his name and number on it; Curry 30 per say. He plays for the Westlake Valley Seminoles; his school team.

Anyway, we watched the team skate around on the ice for pregame. They weren't really doing anything yet, just taking practice shots and warming up.

The opposing team, Riverside Wolves, were either on their team bench or associating themselves with school classmates or whatever. Just people who came to support them in the game.

I was so dazed out, I didn't even notice that Ryan had made his way over to us.

"Minus well have invited the whole team too dad"Ryan said, grinning

"Come on man, you really think grandpa and them were really going to miss this? Their grandson play hockey?"Steph responded

Everyone laughed, except me. My face was cold, but I wasn't saying anything.

He hugged the family and all that, getting to Elizabeth finally.

"Hey babe"she said

"Hey"he responded

He gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"Good luck, I love you"she said, holding his face in her hands

"Thanks babe. I love you too"he said, smiling

She smiled and released his face. His eyes finally landing on mine. He smiled slightly and held open his arms.

I give a blank expression. Silence came amongst us. The both of us just staring at each other, ignoring the stares of the family.

"Good luck"I mumble, just loud enough for him to hear

He dropped his arms and frowned.

"Mia"he said

I got comfortable in my seat and occupied myself with my phone. The frown on his face never disappearing as he skated away.

I'm mad at him. Why? Because he told me that he'd see me after my game yesterday, at home. Instead, he slept over at Elizabeth's house.

So I didn't see him all day today, until now. Besides, it's the weekend anyway. But he usually spends it at home. I don't know, just overwhelmed.

I'm tired.


After watching my brother play center, almost like QB, and almost dying, it was finally time to leave.

We all began to head to the parking lot. And about 40 minutes later, Ryan exited the arena and headed to the parking lot as well.

His duffel bag hung from his right shoulder and he held his phone in his left hand.  He looked up and the first person he saw in his line of vision was me. Although I was standing near the car and everyone else was in front of me.

He pushed his way through the family, chuckling at the things they said, before approaching me. His grin remained on his face while he looked at me.

Without saying a word, he pulled me into a bear hug, me groaning into his jacket. I didn't hug back though. I just had my arms dangling on my side.

I don't think he heard me, but I was mumbling "let me go". Wait, I think he did because he bent down a little to hear me better.

"Ryan, let me go"I squeaked out, trying to push him off

He released his arms and looked down at me. I exhaled through my nose.

"What's the matter with you? You've been giving me the cold shoulder since Thursday"he said

I didn't answer him. I just looked down at the ground. He squatted down to my level, that way our eyes were parallel. He grabbed my glove covered hand.

"Mia"he said sadly

I continue to ignore him.

"I think your girlfriend wants to talk to you. And this "conversation" is holding her up from saying what she has to say"I say

He looked back Elizabeth, who was looking at us impatiently. He then looked back at me.

"Whatever I did, I'm sorry"he said

"I just wanna go home"I say, ignoring what he said once again

He was about to say something else, but decided against it. He stood up, still looking down at me. He turned and walked toward Elizabeth.

"Hey, are you staying over today?"she asked

"Not today Lizzy. As you can see, a little problem has occurred at home and I have to be there to fix it"he explained

"Oh no, it's okay. Do what you have to do"she said

"Thanks for understanding baby"he said

"No problem"she said

He pulled her in close. I turned away before I could see anything else. After that, all of us parted ways and began our way home.


I walked into the house, silently. Before I could reach the stairs, a hand grabbed my wrist. I turned around quickly.

"Mia, talk to me please"Ryan pleaded

"Ry, just leave her alone. She just doesn't wanna talk to anyone"Steph defended

"But she talked to you. That's not fair"Ryan said

Steph sighed, giving up. He walked into the living room. Ryan continued to stare at me, waiting for me to say something.

After a 5 minute stare down, I said something.

"You lied to me"I say

After that, I turned around and walked up the stairs. Not wanting to be bothered any more.

I just wanna go to sleep.

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