Intellectual Romance: Prologue

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· Not all nerds are ugly and not all popular girls are bitches.

· Not all smart guys are shy and not all blonde girls are dumb.

· Not all geeks are losers and not all pretty girls are self centered.

Sam's impression of Ellie is that she is a spoilt princess who never does anything for herself and Ellie's impression of Sam is that he's too smart for his own good.

What happens when Sam begins to tutor Ellie and his impressions of her change?

Will he admit that he has feelings for the girl he's always called an 'airhead' and will Ellie finally let go of what happened during summer and be with the guy she'd never thought she'd ever go for?

This will be a true romance with all the problems that come with two people that are complete opposites.

Warning! Not the typical beauty and a geek kind of story... Thanks to @IsaSecret for the awesome cover! Thanks to @anotherdisaster for the amazing trailer!

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