Yumi's plot?

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I looked at the pregnency test on my hand. A while ago I went to the shopping mall and got myself a pregnency test. Tears were rolling down my eyes. I was pregnent. I was happy yet sad.

Ryan and I started to have more distance between ourselves. Ryan seamed more busy and I was most of the time crying. I might be selfish but I didn't want Scar or Yumi to be a part of our family. Ryan is my husband and I love Ryan. But, if Yumi really had sex with Ryan . . . Then . . ? I started to cry.

"Mommy?" I heard Hikari said as she ran to me. "Mommy, why are you crying?"

"Nothing babe," I said as I kissed her forehead.

Hikari hugged me and I pulled her on my lap. "Mommy, can I get cheese cake?"

"Of course, love," I said as I took out my phone and phoned the food service of the hotel and informed them about a cheese cake.

Ryan came into he room,please and he seamed very tired. Hikari ran to him and hugged him. "Hi daddy!" Hikari laughed.

"Hi princess," Ryan said as he kissed Hikari's forhead.

"Daddy, mommy ordered a cheese cake for me. Do you want any?"

"No sweetheart, I need to talk to mommy," Ryan said.

Hikari giggled, "secret with mommy?"

"Yeah," Ryan laughed as he ticked her.

Hikari laughed as she ran out of our room.

Ryan sat beside me and said, "Hey Alexa."

"Hi Ryan," I said. I was feeling like I am going to cry as I rembered what Yumi said before about Scar being her and Ryan's son.

"You are . . . Crying?" Ryan asked as I felt him holding my cheeks on his fingers.

I moved myself away from Ryan. "No, I am tired and so you are, so . . . Do you want to have dinner?" I asked as I tried to avoide Ryan.

"Love, are you trying to distance yourself from me?" Ryan asked as he seemed hurt.

I looked at him as tears rolled down my eyes. "I don't want to talk about Yumi, Ryan."

"I didn't even say anything about Yumi and you . . ." Ryan sighed. Ryan made me look at him and tugged my hair behind my ear. "You are stress about what Yumi said, aren't you?"

More tears ran out of my eyes as I break free from Ryan's amrs and tried to get out of the room, when Ryan blocked me and locked the room and pinned me on the wall.

"Love, please trust me," Ryan said.

"Trust? Ryan . . . Yumi . . ."

"Shhh . . ." Ryan said as he put his finger on my lips. "Tell me something, Alexa. Who do you trust more? Me or Yumi?"

I looked at Ryan with confusion. "You, Ryan. I trust you but after what Yumi said . . ."

"Shhh . . . You trust me, right?" Ryan asked as I nodded.

"More than myself," I said.

"Then, please . . . Stop distancing yourself away from me. I love you Alexa and if you don't love me then I don't know . . ." Before Ryan could finish his words, I put a finger on his lips.

"Ryan, I don't know . . . How to . . . Trust you . . . But still . . . I do want you to prove Yumi wrong," I said.

Ryan smiled sadly and pulled me on his chest as I sobbed a bit. Ryan kissed my forehead and said, "I promiss Alexa, everything will be alright, love."

I looked at Ryan and nodded as tears ran down from my eyes.

Ryan cupped my cheeks and kissed my forhead.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I pulled away from Ryan snd whipped my eyes as Ryan went towards the door and opened the door. There was a man, most likely Ryan's office stuff, was standing there.

"Sir, I got all the information. Whatever you wanted, I have arranged those all in this file," that man said, giving Ryan a file.

Ryan took the file on his hand and started to flipped through the papers and I could see a smile forming on his lips. "Alright, get everybody downstairs in the office room that is in the hotel. Make sure Yumi goes to the office room but not Scar."

Hearing Yumi's name from Ryan . . . I could feel myself filled with pain and sadness.

"Love?" Ryan said.

I looked at him and realized that tears were rolling down my cheeks. I whipped the tears and said, "Yes?"

"Let's got to the office room downstairs," Ryan said.


"So that we can all know that plot did Yumi use to play with us," Ryan said as he smirked but I could sence that he was angry.

I was confused. What plot is Ryan talking about?

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