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Should I trust Ryan?

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"Careful, Alexa," Ryan said as he helped me to sat on the bed. Today, we came to the hotel from the hospital. My wounds were healed but not properly. I was still a bit weak but if I eat my foods properly, I should be okay according to the doctor.

I sat on the bed as Hikari ran to me and hugged me. "Hi mommy!" Hikari said.

"Hi love. Did you have your dinner yet?" I asked Hikari.

"Yes, mommy," Hikari said. "Aunt Cassi feed me."

"Oh, that's nice," I said as I hugged Hikari.

"Sweetheart, do you think you can stay with aunt Cassi today? Mommy and daddy needs to talk, babe," Ryan said to Hikari.

Hikari's seemed sad but smiled. "Okay, daddy," she said as she ran out of the room to Cassi's room.

"Why did you send Hikari to Cassi's room?" I asked Ryan.

"I have to talk to Yumi, Alexa. I need to understand what she is trying to do. I told Yumi to come to our room," Ryan said.

I nodded. However, I didn't want Yumi to come to our room. That woman is such a bothersome.

We heard a small knock on the door. Ryan went near the door and opened he door. Yumi came in the room and saw Ryan and me.

"Hi Ryan and Alexa," Yumi said.

"Hi Yumi," Ryan and I said as she went in the room.

"What do you want to talk about it?" Yumi asked.

"Well, let me get you a glass of tea. The conversation is a bit long," Ryan said as he went to the kitchen.

Yumi sat beside me and said, "Aw! You seam hurt, Alexa. I hope you didn't hurt your sexual organs or else Ryan need to find some other woman for him for his sexual pleasure, you know?"

I looked at Yumi in disgust and anger. "Ryan is my husband, Yumi. I hope that you understand that Ryan loves me and that's why he is with me. Or else, he could cheet on me all the time but he doesn't," I said.

Ryan came in the room with a glass of tea and gave it to Yumi.

"Thank you, Ryan," Yumi said.

Ryan nodded. "Yumi, Alexa told me about Scar."

Yumi seamed shocked and then confused. However, she started to cry, "did you figure out that Scar is your son, Ryan?"

"Yumi, that's what I want to talk to you about? How can Scar is my son?" Ryan asked.

"Ryan, Scar is your son. I was pregnent after we broke up," Yumi cried.

"Yumi, we only dated for a month and that too before graduation. We never even kissed and you are telling me that I am Scar's dad?" Ryan asked. Ryan seamed angry.

"Ryan, that day, remeber in the graduation party, after we broke up, you were drinking heavily," Yumi said. "Our friends went to their hotel room and I was taking you to your room. I put you to your room and you were drunk and you attacked me," Yumi said as she began to cry. "I was drunk too . . . And . . . I was in love wih you, Ryan, so, we made love . . ."

Tears fell from my eyes. What Ryan and her . . . Made love?

"I was drunk?" Ryan asked. "Then too in the graduation party?"

"After the graduation party, you went to UK, Ryan and I found out that I'm was pregnent. I gave birth to the baby and named him Scar," Yumi said. "But please, I don't want to destroy your and Alex's relationship. Please don't tell this to anybody."

Ryan seemed a bit angry but said, "Yumi, I want to chat with my wife so can you please go to your hotel room?"

Yumi nodded and got out of the bed and went out of our room.

More tears fell from my eyes. I really don't know what to do? How can I trust Ryan after what she said?

Ryan whipped my tears and said, "Alexa, I . . . Am sorry that I made you sad. But . . . Please, give me a bit time . . . Whatever Yumi said is very confusing me . . ."

Before, I could even say something, a Alex went out of the room and went to the other room and got on his laptop.

I was sitting on our room and crying. How could Ryan act so normal after what Yumi said? Suddenly, I felt very dizzy and I had an urge to throw up. I ran to the washroom and threw up a lot. Man, I have been throwing out for a while now. I whipped my tears and went to our room and sat on the bed. I sighed as I saw a notification on my phone. The notification was from my period tracker app. I looked at the notification and was shocked. I didn't got my period for 3 months? I remembered how Ryan and I made love and more tears fell from my eyes. My hugged my belly. Am I pregnent? But, even if I am pregnent,  how am I going to tell Ryan all this? If Yumi and Ryan really had . . . Sex . . . More tears fell from my eyes . . . How will Ryan even except this child . . . Moreover, did he actually betrayed my trust . . . Or . . . What Yumi saying is not right?

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