Have you ever wanted to be saved by a charming prince who rides in on his stallion and picks you up by your waist, riding into the sunset? Well what about you get an offer from a curled celebrity who runs into a cafe stumbling down onto the chair in front of you?

Well trust me, Rose has some mixed feelings about that as she noticed Harry Styles panting in front of her, looking around and running his hands through his sweaty, but wax filled hair.

This is a story of a girl stepping out of her comfort zone and travelling the world with the one and only One Direction as their newest songwriter.

Although there's more to the story. The day she was introduced to Modest! Management, she signed a 8 page contract telling her every detail of her new life with 6 pages just talking about things she can't do. Is it possible for her to live by all those rules, and most importantly will the boys be able to live by management's new rules? They have been doing that for 3 years now, so we can be sure it wont be all that hard for them.

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