Chapter 1

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"Who did this to you?" He growled sending a chill through her body and not in a good way. She remained quiet not wanting to get herself in trouble, with either Alpha. Her eyes on her toes she shifted uncomfortably, hoping he would move on to something else.

"I asked you a question." He demanded, grabbing her chin with a surprisingly gently touch. She swallowed, her mouth dry. His furious silver eyes scanned her face before he turned around with a snarl looking for someone else to answer. "Who dare harm my mate?" No one was going to confess, no one wanted an angry Alpha to turn his attention onto them.



Her paw wasn't allowing her to put any of her weight on it, and she was afraid to see what it would look like when she shifted to her human form. For the last few years Alec and some of the other wolves in the pack, had taken it to be a sport to hunt her down. It was during this dangerous hunt when she was hurt, and not wanting to face them anytime soon she found herself curled into a tree stump that was outside the border. She knew it was dangerous to cross out of their territory, but she also knew it was even worse to stay where the others could find her. Licking and tending to her back right paw, she knew that they were just waiting for her to show her face again. It was quickly getting dark, the cool chill of the winter making her uncomfortable. Curling tighter, she prayed that the others didn't find her.

A loud howl jolted her from her sleep. It took her a moment to adjust to her settings,  terrified that someone had found her but she quickly realized it was Alpha Darren calling for them. Not wanting to keep him waiting, she ran as fast as she could on her gimpy paw, back to the pack house. Transforming as she reached the porch, she quickly ran into the house falling into her place at the end of the lined up pack.  Her attention turned to the large male in the center of the room, watching as he looked over them; making sure everyone was accounted for.  Her eyes fell to her feet, praying that he would over look her, like he often did.

"I know it's early, but we have gathered for a pack meeting." Darren said, his deep and rough voice carrying over the quiet group.

"In just two days we will be having another Alpha come and inspect our pack, and in such we have a lot to prepare for their arrival. I know this is unusual, but it has the upmost importance that everything is perfect and we hide our flaws. An alliance is on the line, and with the threats that are present, this is not something we can lose out in. Anyone who causes trouble or prevents this agreement from happing will find themselves exiled."

Rory didn't have to look up to know that his attention was turned on her. She was the packs biggest flaw and try as they might they couldn't get rid of her- no she was too entertaining, they loved the control she allowed them to have; there was no one else who they had tormented and beat into submission.

"With that being said, I want everyone up and working on their chores." Alpha Darren said in a form of dismissal. Rory turned her head and quickly went to work. Being the lowest one of the pack she had the most to do, she had to pull more than her share to prove that she earned her keep.


Sweat formed at her brow as she moped the dinning room floors of the pack house, while on her hands and knees. It was nearly noon, and she had yet to finish all of her tasks, despite the fact that she had been working since early morning. It seemed like every time she finished one of her tasks, a fellow pack member told her that she needed to do there's as well.

"Well, look who it is? Our runt." A mocking voice spoke, causing her to jump. Rory looked up, noticing for the first time that she was blocked inside the room. A man at each of the doorways, diminishing her chance of escape, and the ring leader of the group, Alec, stared down at her with a evil smile on his face.

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