Friends and...enemies?

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Even though Patrick and Charlie had been glued at the hip growing up, Patrick had made lots of other friends in Warlington. He was after all the town's golden boy and everyone wanted to be his friend. Charlie knew Patrick's other friends, but never wanted to hang out with them. And so Patrick usually went to sports and birthday parties without Charlie.

Among the friends Patrick had made was Andrew. Andrew was still in Warlington and when he heard Patrick was back, he just had to invite him to a drink and catch up like old times.

Patrick received the call just a few minutes before his lunch time at work. He'd been in a sullen mood most of the morning so he was only too happy to get out of the hospital for a bit. He'd nearly snapped at a patient that morning. Time off the hospital would do him good.

He thought it too strange that Andrew had called him just as he was thinking about him. He wasn't thinking about him specifically, but someone connected to him.


...Patrick's fake ex-girlfriend, Anna. She'd come to him 8 years ago with a desperate request. Like Patrick, Anna was the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Like Patrick, her father was very particular about who she should associate with. He arranged dates for her and introduced her to sons of his business friends.

Anna was fed up. Not only that, she was scared. She had been secretly dating someone for a while and her father had discovered it. What he hadn't discovered was who the person was. If he knew she was dating Andrew Laurie he was going to force her to end the relationship at once. And so Anna asked Patrick to be her fake boyfriend.

Patrick was all too happy to help. He wasn't the town sweetheart for nothing. Also, it would help with his situation as well. If both his father and uncle believed he was in a relationship with someone worthy, they would stop setting him up on dates.

Patrick and Anna struck a deal.

Patrick parked his car just opposite the little café that Andrew had asked Patrick to meet him at. He crossed the road and walked over to the café, looking around for Andrew. He spotted him easily. Andrew was sitting on the outside chairs sipping a latte. He wasn't alone.

Patrick saw the shimmering blond hair of the girl whose lips he'd once kissed. He saw her beaming smile as she noticed him. She stood up immediately and enveloped Patrick in a hug when he got to the table.

"Patrick, hi", Anna Bergstrom said with a wide smile as she squeezed Patrick tight.

"Hi Anne", Patrick said mischievously.

"Anna!" Anna corrected with a playful swipe at Patrick.

"Patrick", Andrew said standing up and giving him a short hug.

"Andrew", Patrick said. "So I'm guessing you two are together?"

Anna smiled. "Meet Christina Margarita Laurie. Unfortunately she's sleeping", she said rocking a baby stroller close to her that Patrick hadn't noticed.

She pulled the blanket to the side, revealing a beautiful baby nestled in the comfort of the baby stroller. As she'd said, the baby was sleeping, with her lips curled in a pout. She looked at most 8 months of age.

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