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   Young Gods  
Chapter fifteen

This was the end,
The end where they defeat Barron and take back there ymbryne.
Jake, Emma and Paisley where crouched behind a row of seats as they watched Barron and his followers speak about the ymbrynes,
"Alright this is it, you Waite for my signal." Jake whispered, the two girls nodded and watched as he left
"I hope what he's doing won't get us killed." Emma whispered to her sister,
Paisley looked to her with a ghost smile and whispered
"You underestimate him to much."
The three now ran to the dock where the fair laid, Jake whistled signaling for Enoch to release the skeletons he's created,
Paisley laughed as she watched the skeletons fight
The girl refocused on what her task is and started to throw snowballs at the hollows seeing them form,
"Holy shit." She exclaimed at the size of the hollows
She quickly covered her mouth once she realized what she said,
Turning to her sister Paisley could see emma glaring at her "Sorry?"
Paisley watched as the last hollow went down before rushing over to Jake
Trapping him in her arms
Stumbling Jack laughed in joy but it soon ended when the seriousness taking over his features,
They needed to stop Barron
But none of them realized that one hollow never died yet


"Stay by my side at all times." The blue eyed boy said as the two of them walked to building they where once in,
"Can't make any promises, but let's not worry about me please we need to deal with Barron first." Paisley said lacing her fingers with Jack, giving his hand a tight squeeze.

Whistling, that was the first thing paisley heard as
She and Jake ran threw the tunnels,
When they found Barron Jake quickly held up the crossbow as shot missing the man by a inch
Jake and paisley where met with Milky Eyes as Barron turned to face them
Paisley stepped forward as Jake hurried to reload the crossbow
"Jake, when are you gonna realize that you are terrible shot with that thing." The dark skinned man tsked
  "I'll hold him off while you free the ymbryne." Paisley said giving him a quick peck on the lips before stepping up and building a wall of rock around the man
"Hurry Jake." The youngest bloom yelled keeping up the rocks that fell making holes form in the wall,
Sweat began to drop down her forehead, paisley had never used her power this long and it sure was taking a tole on her
"You know eventually your going to run out of energy and this walls going to crumble,
Just like you and that relationship between you and that boy and everything you've ever lived for because when I succeed I will take anyone you ever love away from you!"
Barron yelled
His breath jagged as he kept slicing away at the wall
Paisley suddenly collapsed
No longer having the energy to continue, The wall crumbled and Barron stepped out a wide smirk on his face
"See I told you." With that he simply stepped over the girl and to the room that held Jake and the ymbryne
"Jake." Paisley wheezed out as her vision got foggy

"Oh my, paisley can you hear me?" A voice sounded threw the young girls ears
"Paisley, it's me Emma, open your eyes."
Paisley let out a groan and opened her eyes to she Emma and Enoch standing over her, both held concerned faces
"Jake, where's Jake?" Paisley asked as she stood looking around
"We don't know we came down her to help and found you passed out." Enoch said steadying the girl as she wobbled a little
"We need to find Jake I fear he's in trouble." Paisley stated fixing herself
Before walking in front of them yelling out jakes name.
"Paisley-" Jake said as
She walked threw the doors with Emma and Enoch trailing behind
Looking back Jake saw Barron playing as him
"-Waite that's not me its Barron."
The other Jake looked appalled
"Don't listen to him that's Barron not me."
"No I'm Jake your Barron."
The two jakes argued but stopped once they saw Enoch hold a crossbow towards them ready to aim
"It's that one." Emma said pointing to Jake
"Waite stop, I told him all of this,
she was my psychiatrist." Jake said pointing to Barron
"You know what you deal with him while I go find miss.peregrine." Barron said walking past them
Paisley looked at the two and pointed to Barron
"That's Barron, I know that's not Jake." She said her eyes squinted, the real
Jake gave his some-What kinda girlfriend a thank you look and turned to look at Barron
Who had stopped walking by now
Unknown to them a hollow was creeping up threw the darkness
"I can prove I'm me-" the real Jake said looking at the hollow
"Because I can see the monsters."
As he said this Barron was lifted of the floor his eyes being pulled out of his head
Quickly Jake grabbed the cross bow and shot at the hollow watching as it went down,
A smile on everyone's face
They did it, they had saved the ymbryne's and defeated Barron.

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