Chapter One

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Allison quickly helped Stiles up and out of the house, into her car. As she drove to the Vet's office, she called Alan. "Yes Allison?"

"The babies! They are coming, now!" Allison said, speeding through a red light in front of John's patrol car. He sped behind her, turning on his lights. "Stiles call your dad and tell him to follow me."

"They're coming now???? He's only 7 months pregnant!" Alan said, sounding like he was rushing around. "I need to call Melissa! Come to my office quickly!"

"You think?!" Allison said, hanging up as Stiles got on the phone with his dad.

"Dad.... Turn your lights off and follow us... It's time..." Stiles said, trying his hardest not to scream in pain. The police car behind them fell silent for a second, then sped up in front of them and turned them back on. "Smart idea. Go to Alan's office. Thanks dad."

Stiles hung up with him and dialed Derek's phone. "Yes babe?"

"It's happening... They're coming... Go to the vets..." Stiles said, in between bursts of pain. Derek cursed under his breath before hanging up. Stiles thought it was weird but he didn't care enough to worry at the moment. He tossed his phone aside, grabbing hold of his stomach. "Is there any way you can use your mind shit and tell them to claim the fuck down?!"

"Uhhh, I don't think that's how it works Stiles," Allison said, speeding up faster to keep up with John. When they got close to the vet, John turned off his sirens, not wanting to bring attention towards Stiles when he got out.

They pulled up and John rushed out of his car to the passenger side of Allison's vehicle, helping Stiles out. "How is this happening right now? Aren't you only like six months?"

"Seven and I don't know but it's happening, dad!" Stiles said, whining in pain as they walked into the vets. Melissa and Alan were already there waiting impatiently. "Where's Derek I told him it's happening!"

"I'm right here I'm right here!" Derek said, rushing in behind them with Erica on his tail. Stiles was placed on the table and Alan hooked Stiles up to an IV.

"Anesthesia?" John asked, Alan nodded. Soon Stiles' screaming claimed, and Alan and Melissa began the c-section.


Stiles was in an empty space. He looked down at his stomach, and it was normal. He was the normal, skinny Stiles again. He started to panic, wondering where his babies were.

Two cribs appeared, one pink and one blue. Stiles walked up to them, smiling as he looked down at the two babies. He reached for one, but the one he reached for disappeared. He reached for the other one, and that one also disappeared.

He panicked and started to run, he wasn't sure where to, but he had to find his babies. He kept running, and then he ended up in the woods. He stopped and looked around, extremely confused.

"Stiles seeks first!" A voice called out, causing Stiles to turn towards the voice. A couple of kids ran into the woods, hurrying into hiding spots. Then Scott came into the woods, but it wasn't the Scott that Stiles just saw, it was the younger Scott.

"Scotty?! Scotty Boy please come out..." A little voice called out. Stiles looked towards the speaker, himself. Stiles saw the kid Scott look around a tree at him, only to pop back behind it when kid Stiles looked his way.

Kid Stiles walked away, leaving Scott behind. Scott looked around and didn't see Stiles. "Sty?! Sty come out! You're not supposed to be hiding! You're the seeker!"

"What was that?!" A kid said.

"I don't know but I'm out of here... This place is freaking me out..." Another kid said, Stiles watched as they all came out of their hiding spot.

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