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Well, hello there. I'm Lucy (@LittleWriter202) and I'll be in charge of this book. Cait (shiningcrystals_), Aisha (aishafanfiction), Maddie (mycrownimqueen- ) and I are the Contest controllers for this account. We are going to be holding Weekly and Monthly contest as well as special themed ones, like Seasonal (Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn/Fall), Holiday inspired ones (Christmas, Valentine's, etc.) or just Special Contest (they'll probably be about doing something like a banner or cover for a Contest Controller or another member). Maybe even some member of the community wants a cover for their book; we'll hold it and you can participate to see your work in their book!

So, as everything, these Contests have their rules and, as they are contests, they also have rewards! Let's set them, then.


*NO PLAGIARISM OR COPYING: This is something really important. It is not ok to copy someone else's work and claim it as yours. This can go from stealing another contestant's graphic or one you found on the Internet. Do not do it because we will find out and you will be disqualified and maybe even reported.

*NUMBER OF ENTRIES: As I myself am a very creative person, I find it slightly annoying and hard to stick to only 2 graphics per contest. In these ones it will be up to 4, this may change in some contest but for the regular one it will be this amount. This does not mean you have to do the 4 of them, you can just do 10 but, in the latter case, we will choose the best 4.

*TIMING AND ENTERING: I know you guys have things to do, so do we, but submitting your entries on time is something very important. If you don't enter your entries amongst the stated date you will be disqualified of that contest and your entries will not be considered.

Next theme is when you comment you are entering. First of all, you have to comment you're participating in the contest with something like "I'm in" or "I'm joining". Secondly, when you submit your entries comment in the same comment that you uploaded them. Finally, if you didn't enter, regretted entering or you forgot you said you were and the deadline is near and have no graphics, say you are dropping out. It is really annoying when 20 people say they are in but don't notify us when they submitted their entries and then 5 of those 20 people don't enter and leave us hanging looking for their entries.

So, please, inform us when you enter, when you upload your works and if you drop out.

*MAKE AN ENTRIES BOOK: Create a book where you can upload all of your entries in one place so it'll be easier for us to find them. Tag us and dedicate the chapter to us, in case the tagging doesn't get notified to us.

*ADD THIS BOOK TO YOUR LIBRARY AND/OR READING LIST: You'll get notified when we upload the Entries, hold a new contest and announce the winners!


This obviously depends on what place you end in. There can be from four to a few more depending on the amount of people who join.


*Honorable mention

*Best Subtitle or Quote (if it is a requirement)
*Best Title
*Best Font
*Best Face Claim (if it is a requirement)
*Best Image choice or Edit

First place:
*2 free graphics by any Graphic Designer (as long he/she is ok with it and you have to give credits).
*[VARIES] A free trailer for your story (it must be published. This is in charge of Olivia or Aisha, they will decide who'll do it and if they can and want to do it)
*1 book of your choice reviewed or added to the account's reading list (it must be yours).
*1 honest comment from 3 members of the account, one each, in that book.

Second place:
*1 free graphic by any Graphic Designer (as long he/she is ok with it and you have to give credits).
*1 honest comment from 2 members of the account, one each, in a book of your choice (it must be yours).

Third place:
*1 free graphic by Lucy.
*1 honest comment from ant member of the account in a book of your choice (it must be yours).

Honorable mention:
*1 free graphic by Cait

Keep in mind that if what you want for a graphic is impossible for us since we don't have the ability or anything, we may have to decline some requests. The graphic doesn't have to be a cover.

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