Chapter 4: The Reaping

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Time has passed and I'm in the line with my brother waiting to get our fingers pricked. He doesn't even flinch but it makes me jump a little. Even though it's only his second year he act's like a pro already.

"Go to your age division, I'll see you after the reaping" I say as calmly as possible.

"Okay, I love you" he whispers.

I walk over to my age division. 16 year old girls. Looking for Cato in the boy's 18 year old division.

When our eyes meet I immediately calm down. He smiles at me. Wilma Kufre (the announcer for the reaping and our escort) walks onto the stage with the biggest smile ever. 

"Good day boys and girls; men and women. Before we start, there is a film I would like to show you brought to you all the way from the Capitol." she squeaks, almost bursting with excitement.

After the film is over she walk in her loud, and to be honest ugly, green heels to the bowls containing every-one's names. 

"Ladies first, I always say" she says. "For the ladies we have Alodia Hadley" .

That's Cato's sister. It's her first year. She starts to panic. I couldn't think of anything else to do so I  run to the aisle.

"I volunteer" I say as peacekeepers push me back. I manage to get out of their grasp and say firmly "I volunteer as district 2's female tribute" 

"Look's like we have a volunteer" Wilma says ushering me to the stage. She doesn't seem surprised a, but just excited "What's your name sweet heart" It takes me awhile to realize she asked a question. "Oh, my name is Clove Sevina".

"Who was that you volunteered for" she asks "My best-friend's sister" I say calming down a little.

"Give it up for Clove Sevina, district 2's female tribute" she says with her annoying Capitol accent.

"For the boys we have..." walking over to the bowl for boys. She picks up a card walks back over to the front of the stage and reads it "Martial Sevina" . My mind goes numb. I can't fight to death with my 13 year old brother. I look over to Cato. My face must be as pale as snow.

Two Careers volunteer. "I volunteer" says a boy with abnormally gray hair. "No I volunteer as district 2's male tribute" I hear Cato's voice say.

Wilma is already ushering Cato to the stage. "What's our name young man" she asks. " Cato Hadley" a long pause as she realizes what just happened. "Who was that you volunteered for" she asks hesitantly.

"My best friends brother" he says while he's looking deep into my eyes.

We have time to say good bye before we leave. My whole family comes to say goodbye. 

"You're gonna win, I can feel it" My father says. He came all the way from peace-keeper training to say good-bye. 

"You know that's what I've been training for since I was 8" I say jokingly.

My brother, Martiall, gives me the tightest hug possible and starts to ball when another peace-keeper says it's time to go.

"I made you this, I carved it with my knife" he says placing and piece of wood in my hand before leaving.

"Thank you, I'll see you when I get back" I say smiling. Once they have left I take time to figure out what it is he carved. Then it comes to me. A girl and her knives. I think, Or a peacock smoking. Well either way I love it. 

"Time to go to your train" a peace-keeper exclaims with a mask over his face. His voice is deep. Now I hate deep voiced men since that day.

They walk me through corridors and hall-ways. All the way to a bullet train. I hop in to see Wilma. I forgot I have to live with her until I go in the arena. 

"Cato will be out shortly" she squeaks.

I go to sit down on a neatly carved wooden stool. When Cato walks up to the train my eyes widen. I give him a huge hug. I somehow managed not to shed a tear.

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