"Jason, move!" Jackson yells, letting out a heavy sigh as his brother glares at him. "I was here first." He says, continuing to wash a mixing spoon Kellin had handed him. "I need to drain the beans first." Jackson groans, bumping into Jason. "Stop!" He screams, flicking water at Jackson.

"Alright boys thats enough." I say sternly, spreading flour onto the countertop. Jason screams as Jackson picks him up and sets him away from the sink, draining the water from the bean can.

"Jason! Jackson! What did your dad just say!" Kellin exclaims, rolling his eyes as Jason flops around on the floor. "You two need to get along." I say, grabbing the bowl that has the bread dough in it and setting it next to my flour.

Jackson finishes draining his can of beans, Jason jumping up and going back over to the sink. "Meanie." Jason mutters, grabbing the soap and continuing to wash the dirty dishes.

I plop the bread do onto the floury countertop, squeezing and kneading it. Kellin comes to my side and opens the oven, sliding the next pie into it. "Hot." He teases, watching as I knead the dough. I roll my eyes at him, sending him a smile.

"You look good in an apron." He hums, Jackson sending us a disgusted look and making a fake gagging sound. "No more PDA." He groans, turning away from us as he mixes the mushroom soup with the green beans.

I steal a kiss from Kellin, letting my lips linger on his a little bit too long. The kitchen erupts into groans and yells of disgust, Hope dramatically falling against the counter. "Eww!!"

Kellin just laughs, jokingly slapping my butt which earns us another round of fake gagging. He chuckles to himself, going back to the girls to finish the last pie.

It only takes us another hour to finish the bread, green bean casserole, pie, and mashed potatoes. By the time everyone is cleaned up and the kitchen is back into order there's a knock on the door, Brutus barking loudly. "Copeland's here!" Hope cheers, jumping up from her spot at the counter and running to the door.

As soon as the door opens Copeland swoops Hope into her arms, pressing kisses to her face and laughing happily. "My favourite sibling!" She yells jokingly, the rest of the kids looking at her with faux hurt on their faces. "See I told you!" Lauren whines, earning a small punch from Jason. Lauren continues to whine and rubs her shoulder where Jason punched her, looking up at me and Kellin. "Jason! I told you to stop beating up on your sister!" Kellin yells as the boy runs off, following all the other kids to get a hug from Copeland.

After the kids are content with all their hugs and kisses Copeland comes into the kitchen, Kellin smiling warmly. "Hey dads." She smiles, letting Kellin pull her into his arms.

"I've missed you." He breathes, holding her tightly. "And I to you, it's been a couple months. I'm surprised there were no birthdays or adoption days in that time." Copeland chuckles, giving me a hug as Kellin lets her go. "I'm just glad you're here." I sigh, letting her go from my embrace.

"Uncle Mike just pulled up!" Jackson yells, the three of us looking over at the door. The kids squeal in excitement, running out to my brother who was crouched down to the ground with his arms spread open. I smile as they tackle him to the ground, Alysha coming forward with Marty and Alex. "Uncle Mike!" The kids squeal, jumping up to hug Alysha after. "My favourite nieces and nephews!" Mike shouts happily, picking up the closest kids and spinning with them in his arms.

Jackson, Jason, Max, and Mark immediately start to wrestle with Mike, Alysha rolling her eyes. "I brought salad." She says, smiling as she approaches us. "Thanks Lysha." Kellin smiles, leading her into the kitchen as they engage in small talk. "Don't let him hurt my kids!" Kellin calls to me, not knowing that I was about to engage in this wrestling.

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