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Pen Your Pride

Chapter One

Dear Diary, it’s been a long time since I last wrote. I’ve been busy with the chaos in my life. I’ve been having this feeling that something is going to happen, something bad. I haven’t had this feeling in a while. The last time I had this feeling, my dad died. I’m terrified what it’s going to bring this time. I’m trying to shake it off, but it seems impossible. Diary, I need help. But who can I turn to? Dad is gone, has been for years now. I can’t tell mom, she’ll just send me to a therapy. I miss my dad like crazy. I just wish he could come back. I need him more than ever. I was able to tell him anything, and he would never judge. I even told him about my crush on Sam. He’s been my best friend since 6th grade. Now I’m a junior in high school. Anyways diary, my point is, most girls won’t tell their dad anything. But you see I’m not like most girls. I looked up to my dad. Now that I don’t have him, I have no one but a mother that doesn’t really pay attention to anything other than her nuisance of a boyfriend. New York men are a waste. Well mother is calling me for dinner. It’s best that I go. I’ll check up on you later. Maybe?

          I closed my diary, and put it under my bed, walking out of my room and down the stairs. Roaming to the kitchen, I spot my mother talking to her boyfriend. Great. I look away preparing the table. One of the things I hate about dinner time. When I was nearly finished, I heard my mother speak to me.

          “Hi honey, how are you doing?”

          “Um, I’m good mom.” I said simply, while I set the last plate on the table in our small dining room. Mom frowned at me and said “What’s going on?”

          “Nothing mom, I’m just hungry” I said a little annoyed, since when has she ever paid attention to me.

          “Okay, well dinners almost ready. You can watch some T.V.” I gladly walked out of the suddenly tensed kitchen, and sat down on the sofa. I turned on the T.V to watch MTV. Silent Library was on, but before I could get comfortable the doorbell rang.

          “Who could that be?” My mother said from the kitchen.

          “I got it mom.” I yelled, I got up and walked to the door. I opened it and there he was. Gosh he was so cute. I was unable to say anything. This was ridiculous since we’re best friends! But that didn’t stop the feelings I had for him.

“Hey Annie Bear! I’m glad you gave me the right address!” He said smiling.

His smile. Oh. My. God. It was to die for! Perfectly straight, blindingly white. Just purely perfect!

Stop Ana! You have to say hi back to him!

“Hi! Of course I gave you the right address Sammie Boo!” Yeah I know, Weird nicknames right? But that’s how we are. Before I could invite him in, mom walked up behind me.

“Who is this?”

“Mom, this is Samuel.” I said. I couldn’t help but have a little smirk on my face.

“Sam for short, nice to meet you Ms. Gregory. I’m Ana’s best friend.” He said, smiling proudly. Gosh, that smile of his. SNAP OUT OF IT! I shook my head quickly, getting the thoughts out of my head. Sam looked at me and gave me a weird look. I just gave him a look that said ‘sorry I spazzed’ he understood and let it go.

“Come on in Sam, make yourself at home. We are just about the have dinner. So Ana, get an extra plate out on the table. After dinner, you can show this wonderful young man around the house.” Mom said.

          I did as she said, and walked over to the kitchen and got another plate and set it over next to my seat. Mom walked in with the forgotten boyfriend, and started to serve dinner. It was Spaghetti with some butter bread. Yum. We settled in our sets and dug in. There was small talk amongst everyone, but I just focused on eating my food and then showing Sam the house. It’s kind of weird that we’ve known each other for years, and he hasn’t seen my home. I was on my last bite of spaghetti when Sam got up and started to wash his plate. I got up and put my dish on top of his while he was washing his. He looked up at me and I just smirked at him and walked away. I went to the living room to finish watching the rest of Silent Library while Sam did our dishes. I heard the water stop and heard him come out of the kitchen and walk his way over to where I sat. I fought hard to keep my breathing under control, suddenly asking myself how I haven’t made it obvious yet. I mean honestly.

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