"Why do every time I wake up, I always end up in your house?"

Another day at his house, the universe must be punishing me. How ironic, all the girls probably would kill to be in my position, yet I didn't asked for this and I just presume to be here every time.

Jesse handed me a glass of water, and a white pill, I assumed was a painkiller. I took it from him, muttering, "Thank you.

"How do you know my head hurts? Was I drunk last night? I didn't remember drinking," I asked him as I drank my medicine.

He scratched his head like a confused boy, his mouth forming a straight line. I was slightly worried at what he was about to answer.

"No, well I kind of knocked you unconscious."

"-How?" I ask suspiciously. My eyes were turning into a dubious look; the longer he stalled his answer.

"I hit you with a door?" It was like he wasn't sure of his own answer.

"What happened?"

"You saw Thalia naked on the couch with a man," He tightened his jaw as he explained, "that was why you screamed. I thought something happened, and so I barged in, knocking you on the process. You got a small concision, it's not bad."

I gasped, not because he knocked me, but because I started to click the memory of last night together. My brain was slowly trying to recover my memory. I remembered I saw Thalia with a man. He was the man that Thalia hung out with and decided to ditch me at the party, where I first met Jesse. I shivered at the image; thanks to her I couldn't erase it.

She's such an ass. She's lucky that she's my best friend.

"What time is it?" I asked, as I get out of bed. My feet dangling on the corner of the bed, as he sat next to me.

" 6 in the morning."

"Shit! I'm late for work," I stood up, looking for my purse. I didn't know where I was rummaging; I was just looking through the room to find my stuff.

When I found all my stuff on the table and sigh in relief. He took care of me last night didn't he, another thing I owe him. I really owe him a lot. Things just got a lot more complicated.

"Hey, don't forget about this evening, I'll get someone to pick you up" Jesse mentioned, he stood so close behind me. I could hear his quick breathing and his hard chest on my shoulder, making it felt like I was leaning on a rock.

I spin around, meeting his beautiful face. Even without dressing up he look so fine, I couldn't deny the physical attraction I have for him. Our body was so close that I drew back, yet he moved one forward closing the gap. I repeat my motion and he does too, until I was sandwiched between the dress table and him.

So I placed my hand on his chest, I could hear his heart beating against my palm. I stretched a hand length, to separate us. This man was beating like he was nervous, and here I thought I was the only one. But that only made him drew a few closer steps again.

"We just went out last night, do you really want to go out again?"

"I will go out with you Amelia everyday for the rest of my life if I can."

I ignored the warmth I felt at my chest, and looked at him with a smug plastered across my face.

Freak! I thought.

I was about to accept considering the night I spent with him was quite enjoyable and I didn't feel like arguing early in the morning, especially now when I was trying relieved my headache, when I remember, I had plans with Enrico.

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